Female Characters in Virginia Woolf and E.M.Foster's Novels

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However, when she puts her head next to the youngest child’s and feeds it into the mother’s arms, the musk gets angry and pushes her away. Unfortunately, the other characters are dead and wooden-especially the professor like may Indian men, she is an annoying coward, and she speaks big and does little. Occasionally Kapur manages to resurrect the tragic situation of his first wife. Also, so he missed a chance by not creating two warm and sensitive men-the father and grandfather of Virmati, which would elevate this book to a whole new level.

Virmati will get angry in the Gotha room. She had the form of exchanging her feelings with the professor. She writes, ‘Each time I hear the door shut, I burn with anger and humiliation. What have I done? I am just like the sacks of wheat and del here, without my own life’ (Kapur 93). Thus, there is not one to understand her in her own home.

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If the individual cannot come to such difficult a kind of negativity develops in then. Even the individual can take the wrong step, such as leaving home, committing suicide, making the wrong decision, and joining the wrong decision, and joining the wrong group such as the terrorist group. Thus when a certain stage of negotiation is required a person suffers from this alienation and isolation. So after much suffering, she eventually resolves these condition and gives birth to baby named Ida.

Virginia Woolf and E.M.Foster’s novels, female character are examined in their relationship as wives, mother, daughters and future brides.

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The central theme of novel where Angels Fear to Tread (1905). The mother-daughter relationship in analyzed in terms of the elements of love and resentment that are often expressed in an interior monologue. The same can be seen in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughter. A woman’s life cycle goes through various ups and downs, while the responsibility of the wife, motherhood and above all feminists. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, she is like a strong rock the does not suffer from the countless hardship she faces at every stage of her life and eventually emerges as a fighter and survivor. The novel takes a stronger through a new harassment. They have their own white and black cards common to all.

Manju Kapur in her ‘The immigrant’ novel, has given a sense of alienation through the character Nina, Ananda and Mister Badra. They are interconnected in a family bond, but still alienated from each other. There lifestyle dreams and expectation are completely different. They cannot support it. Complete each other’s feeling. Characters show a sense of loss from others. It gives them a new lonely world.

The novel expresses the idea through protagonist Nina and her mother and her husband, Ananda. The title of the story is about a migrant’s experience in a foreign country. Some may adapt to it, some may not. Most of the migrants are so attached to the family in their homeland that it is difficult to embrace the new, land and wait until the right moment arrives. Nina was alienated even when she was with Aananda’s uncle’s family when she meets an Indian girl named Gayatri in Canada she has nothing to say and she is crying. Her tears show how depressed she is. In a crowded world Nina is nowhere to be seen and nowhere. She is the symbol of lonely bird. In this symbol explain about the isolation.

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Female Characters in Virginia Woolf and E.M.Foster's Novels
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