Felony Essay Topics

Federal and State Sentencing

In 1998 the District of Columbia Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission was charged with developing a comprehensive structured sentencing system for the District. The Commission concluded that the District could benefit from a comprehensive structured sentencing system. Next, the Commission embarks the difficult task of creating workable sentencing guidelines for felonies. As Washington, DC… View Article

BP – PEST Analysis

Political – Legal Settlements: After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP faced many different legal settlements that were enforceable by court. Many of these settlements were in order to enhance the safety of drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. BP worked to solve the federal criminal claims that… View Article

Life as a parole officer

For my interview, I interviewed Tiffany Sanders, from the Johnston County Adult Probation Parole office located in Smithfield NC. Before my interview I came up with ten questions to ask Mrs. Sanders during our interview. After my interview with Mrs. Sanders, I have come to the conclusion that I would love to be a probation… View Article