FedEx Essay Topics

Operations Management Comparison: DHL and FedEx

Introduction Business logistics solutions have come a long way since the utilization of the postal system for business purposes during the Industrial Revolution. Its importance in achieving company goals of efficiency and profitability for the current corporate industries as well as several others can be pointed out as an evidence of the evolution of business… View Article

Federal Express’s value creation frontier

1. Analyze Federal Express’s value creation frontier, and determine which of the four building blocks of competitive advantage the company needs in order to continue to maintain above-average profitability. Provide a rationale to support the response. According to study of Hill and Jones (2013), value creation frontier refers to the maximum amount of value that… View Article

Business Model Canvas of United States Postal Service

USPS caters the mail and package delivery services to a mass of different customers. It has different variety of services depending on what the customer wants. So customer segments are divided according to the type of services the USPS provides. 1. Individual citizens: The USPS has the first class mail and standard mail that the… View Article

Calculator API

4Price Calculator API Updates 4.1RateV3 Response 4.1.1Modified CLASSID and MailService response values Appendix A 4.2RateV4 Request 4.2.1New enumerations: “Priority Express”, “Priority Express Commercial”, “Priority Express CPP”, “Priority Express SH”, “Priority Express SH Commercial”, “Priority Express HFP”, “Priority Express HFP Commercial”, “Priority Express HFP CPP” 4.2.2 added to allow for specification of the expected time… View Article