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Federalism Essay Examples

Essay on Federalism

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State and Local Government

To sum things up, federalism cannot be described in one single sentence. Federalism has its ins, outs, ups, downs, and can be all over the place. Federalism’s many forms are what make this system of government unique and different from the others. It has taken the United States into some fortunate and some not-so-fortunate times. It is a complicated concept that will continue to change as the Un...

dual federalism definition

Through that, it can keep the states in check. When there are vast amounts of money that are required in a project or disaster recovery, the federal government has to intervene. During the two hundred years, the understanding of dual federalism has changed. As a result, it is often characterized as the phenomenon that has several stages of its development: Dual federalism, Cooperative federalism, ...

The concept of federalism

Federalism was great for this country for the fact that we the people have a say so in what is going on with are government. Also, there is not just one supreme government controlling all of the citizens in the United States. We have power to help vote who will be in are government and who will not be. Federalism allows us as a nation to focus on the big situations for example war with the nationa...

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The Aim of the 10th Amendment

In the 1930’s President Franklin Roosevelt New Deal came into action. This plan was known as Cooperative Federalism and took more rights away from the states. Cooperative Federalism is where the national and state governments instead of being in separate domains are supposed to “cooperate” and work together. With this new method of federalism the federal government being the supreme and tha...

Federal Government of the United States

1. Wood, Gordon, (1995). The Republic of America, 1775-1786. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 2. John E. Finn (2007). "Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties Part II: Lecture 5: The Constitutional and Court Interpretation". The Teaching Company. pp. 51–60 3. Maier, Pauline (2010). Ratification : the Constitutional debate by the people 1787–1788. New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN...

Motivation in History: Charles Beard and the Founding Fathers

I believe that Beard's thesis on the motives of the Founding Fathers was not entirely correct because it was more than economics. I am impress on his thesis because he does creates support back up his thesis and with just reading his writing it makes you wonder is it possible, which is want he want that to be the reaction of people. The problem is if you are an historian you could not just read hi...

Charles Beard - Framing the Constitution

I do not really agree with Beard. It seems like the framers really did do a good job at protecting the rights of average citizens. Especially considering how long the constitution has lasted and how much changed in regard to everyday life has since then. They did an incredible job at making the constitution a long lasting and effective document. Beard was the opposite of Roche. I think that they w...

Understanding Federalism Based on the Section: Picket-Fence Federalism

After the welfare reform there were provisions set in place for an individual to be eligible for welfare such as a time limit on benefits, work requirements and limiting public assistance for legal immigrants and the disabled. Every state has different eligibility requirements but for the most part the ultimate goal is to get people off welfare and in to the working world. Survey results done by A...

The benefits of federalism to business outweigh the disadvantages in Australia

2001. Ten Advantages of Federal Constitution: An how to make the most out of them. The Centre for Independent Studies. Viewed 28th April 2009 (Online) http://www. cis. org. au/policy/summer00-01/polsumm0001-8. pdf. Walker, G. 1995. ‘The Tribunal Trap’, Australia and World Affairs 8, (Autumn 1991), 53. The High Court restored some legal rigour to this area in Brandy v Human Rights and Equal Opp...

Federal Government

As you can see, this is why I believe that George Washington and John Adams, and their administrations, promoted national unity and advanced the authority of the federal government. They were strict federalists, who believed in loose interpretation of the constitution and a strong federal government. Heeding well to their ideals, they built a strong federal government that possessed powerful autho...

Apush 1790s

The creation of the Federalists and Republicans were what Washington wished to avoid, but inevitably were created. The domestic and foreign affairs containing from the Whiskey Tax to the Pickney Treaty were used by Federalists to increase their party’s strength and to fix the nation’s debt. The Republicans, though still unmanageable to receive any favors in the Federal government, still benefi...

Federalism In Canada

The federalist complements democracy in many ways. First is that it allows a fair and levelled playing field so that minority groups would have a chance. Basically it limits power acquisition of majority groups. The Majority groups using their large number of members with relevant positions, can affect change favourable to them. It is natural that there is growth among organizations. The federalis...

Revenue Allocation System in Contemporary Nigeria

It may not be possible to formulate a revenue allocation arrangement that will be wholly satisfactory to the three tiers of government, but the relevant stakeholders can take steps, devoid of hegemonic interests, and make sincere contributions into the revenue allocation formulation process. This will douse the acrimony that appears to define the current debate. Each level of government has to cle...

Fiscal Federalism in India

Fiscal distance index is aimed at equalizing amongst the states the resource envelope for supplies of public services, while the fiscal efforts index is to minimize the “moral hazard” in such equalization payouts by incentivizing the tax efforts of the states. Area and population are indicative of the fiscal needs of the states. Such an institutional arrangement has served the country well. Th...

Policy Issues and Education

The Office of Postsecondary Education formulates federal postsecondary education policy. The OPE frames policy relating to the federal student financial assistance programs. They also collect and distributes student financial assistance program data as well as data in several key areas relating to postsecondary education. The bottom line is that the federal government has the ability to control ac...

Government Current Event

In chapter 3 of The Struggle for Democracy, federalism is the division and sharing of powers between the federal and state government. The topic of Common Core and how it’s getting implemented to the school is a state government issue. But having put more thought into the issue, this is actually in some way a federal government issue. Yes the state government votes “for the people” on whethe...

Federalism in the Philippines

The problem of our generation today is that, some of the students did not really know the real value and importance of education. Some of them adopt the “Bahalana mentality” they rather choose to destroy their life instead of going to school and have a better future. Some of the students now a day did not really knew the real obligation of a true student. Some of them tend to go to the compute...

Federalism in India

After its approval from both the houses of parliament, it has to be authorized or ratified by the legislatures of at least half of the total seats. In case of disputes about the division of powers, the High court and Supreme Court makes the decisive decision. Both Union and State governments have the power to raise resources by imposing taxes in order to carry on the government and the tasks alloc...


There is not enough money going into it as there is being taken out of it. Federalism is a major part of our nation. It plays a role in everything we do, and there are certain areas in the system that needs to be addressed such as welfare, abortion, gun control, etc. If these issues are not handled they could get very out of hand. Federalism is a separation of powers which is a good and sometimes ...

Federalist papers and Bill of rights

This pattern of events gives rise to the engaging thought that perhaps Hamilton had it right after all, and the Bill of Rights merely made explicit what was implicit in the Constitution from the beginning. In later years, thanks to the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment and the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, the parchment barrier was to assume an entirely different and much more formidable ...

Fundamental Rights of the Individual

In this passage, Madison argues that the under the Constitution, the central government will contain both elements. For instance, if the states vote to go through with the ratification, this ill be a federal act, not an overarching national act of tyrannical power. At this moment, the states are seen as sovereign bodies, and the ratification would be a "result from unanimous assent" from the state...

Fiscal Federalism in Nigeria

Therefore, in order to determine what constitutes the derivation fund, resolving the issue of the Federation Account is crucial. Thereafter, the derivation formula to be utilized can be arrived at. 5) Oil – Producing Areas and the Derivation Principle The crude oil production has been the most important economic activity in the Nigerian economy since the early 1970s is not subject to debate. Its...

Federalism in America and India

An accused or a witness in the US can depose from the place where he is imprisoned, thereby avoiding unnecessary travel all the way from Chicago or Los Angels to New York using the advanced technology. Such facilities are yet to develop in India. While a Judge in the US can hold his post for life as long as he enjoys his good health, in India it is slightly different. A District judge unless eleva...


As of right now this issue is in the Supreme Court awaiting ruling and all me and my family can do is hope for the best. The federal government has definitely increased in size over the years though legislation. Every time Congress or the President establishes a federal act such as the Disabilities Act or Fair Pay Act the federal government grows in size. The same goes for every time the Supreme C...

Federalism one of the most important principles incorporated in the Constitution of

Federalism, one of the most important principles incorporated in the Constitution of this nation, is a political system in which the power is shared between the national and state governments. Not only does this system help limit the powers of the national government as a whole, it also helps increase the power of the state governments which is crucial in maintaining a balanced government. In the ...

John Adams' Imaginary Letter to Che Guevara

My last advice to give you is, to protect your people first. My biggest regret was not doing justice for my people in my country during my presidency. In 1798, I signed and passed a series of laws known as the Alien and Sedition acts. At the time I was handling with the conflict with France that led to criticisms by the democratic-republicans. I felt that the democratic-republican criticism was di...

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