Federal Government on Public School Curriculum Essay

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Federal Government on Public School Curriculum

Education is the one which build the molders of the society. It has been one of the major issues tackled during election campaigns and debates. Of all the issues in governance and in leading the nation, federal role in education receives less attention. The federal programs that exist in our country are lacking the ability to meet the standards that would qualify for a world quality yet government-funded education. In the educational system history, less help come from the federal government that worsens the scenario of schools specially those that are considered public.

Aside from the role of the federal government in funding education particularly public schools, it is also important for the federal government to make sure that the curriculum be in its world quality standards of learning. The curriculum guides an educational system to be in its right path to reach the proper knowledge and learning.

However, the Federal government was prohibited to control education under the General Education Provisions Act of April 18,1970 that was cited at 20USC(52)I§3921 of the Education Security Act of August 11, 1984. This prohibition is followed by the Controlled Substance Act that prohibits all professional competence in drug control. Another prohibition is the non-sponsorship of the federal government of any kind of testing that is provided for and enacted by law.

Consequently, these prohibitions make the responsibility left behind with the States. Each States should have their own means of providing education to their respective youths. The congress had legislated an unconstitutional attitude that pertains to such education that prohibits good governance. This also limits the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The exclusion of the federal government is not applicable at this time and thus, many (including those in the congress) suggest giving the proper education aid as soon as it should be. As an improvement, Former President George W. Bush passed “The No Child Left behind Act of 2001” which intends to increase the federal government’s support and involvement to education was legalized.

The Federal government together with the US Department of Education should allow the idea of a national curriculum for public schools. In this way, the State and local educational offices will only maintain and enforce the standards without even evaluating the curriculum. The Department of Education upon their approval of national curriculum should always have their assessment at each half of the year to make sure that the standards for curriculum are well enforced.


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