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Federal government of the United States Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (815 words)
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  1. What level of government do you think should be responsible for security from foreign enemies? Write a paragraph explaining why this level of government is the most appropriate. Answer: The Federal Government is that institution which should be in charge of the security from foreign enemies. The Federal Government of the US is more effective because it is better than any other state of the country in the security protection. These states are different in size and budget. It means that some states are smaller than others, and they do not have money to invest in protection in case of invasion from enemies.

    If each state functions separately from all the other political regions, there will be no common strategy of the country security. It makes the country weaker. To prevent this mistake, a country should act as one whole with all the states encouraging the common plan. When the entire country fights against the enemy, it creates a huge force which will frighten the enemies.

    The Federal Government should pay attention to the military readiness of the country and make sure it is always strong. Furthermore, each political region should be responsible for helping with the military development for the country safety and the protection of each territory. A country should act together, and states have to stand alone with the decisions made by the Federal Government which represents the interests of the whole nation. (8 points)

  2. What level of government should you depend on for sanitation in the neighborhood? Write a paragraph with providing arguments explaining why this level of political management is the most efficient. Answer: Local Administration is that institution which should be in charge of the sanitation in the neighboring territories. It is normal when Local Government is responsible for local problems of the place, and sanitation is one of such issues. No higher institution can see the exact situation which is happening in the neighborhood. Local Administration knows all the subtleties of the sanitation of that very region. There are lots of aspects which should be considered while dealing with this issue. Even the geographical position of the territory plays a crucial role in sanitation mechanism. If the higher institutions such as the Federal Government started calling the shots in this questions, it would take lots of time to think over the specifications of the sanitation of each state. It is much quicker and more efficient if Local Administration makes final decisions on that topic. It is that institution which should care for the locals, and be able to react when necessary. Each political region has its specific nuances, and it is significant that each Local Government knows these peculiarities and uses them when resolving significant problems. (14 points)
  3. Are there any jobs that you think have to be switched among federal, state, and local administrations? Why? Answer: From my perspective, there is no need for switching any jobs among different levels of government. For example, police officers serve the whole community, and they should be controlled by the local government which is responsible for the situation in the region. Another example refers to the businessmen. As they earn money, paying taxes should be under the responsibility of the state management. Each jobs should be placed where they are meant to be. From another point of view, if some professions are switched among other types of the administration, the necessary changes should be made. These alterations include responsibilities, rules, and even fines. Whenever such changes are made, we have to consider the positive and negative aspects. Another significant side is that some professions should exist on various levels. For example, the mentioned above job of a police worker ought to be on both federal and local governments. For the former variant, such people need to pay attention to the specifications of that every region where they are responsible for keeping the peace. Some areas are more notorious than others. If the policemen from the federal management level start working at the state, it will take time for this person to understand the peculiarities of the regions of that state. Another opinion mentions that other branches should be changed among the administration. For instance, as to the educational sphere, some people claim that it should not be federal but local. Because of the specifications of each state, the educational board has to make its own decisions about the development and minor changes in the curriculum or educational process. However, the most significant aspects related to studying at schools and universities should be controlled by the federal government. It means that each profession can have its peculiar responsibilities on different levels. It is significant that all the three federal, state and local administrative branches cooperate and solve any problems taking into consideration each viewpoint. Such cooperation will contribute to the most efficient development of the country in every professional branch.


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