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Features of conformity and obedience Essay

Obedience is doing what you are told by someone with authority if it’s right. If you are told by someone who’s higher than you that means you are doing has you are asked by a peer or even a same rank as you but with more experience, or it may be someone who as being appointed has you peer for a short while but it could be anyone. There are different features of obedience; there is general obedience and also blind obedience where you do things without thinking. A factor that may influence conformity is intimidation from fellow group members, they may threaten something might happen to you if you do not agree with them.

So you will think it’s easier to go with the group decision. Or another reason that may influence conformity is that a whole group could be putting pressure on you, so you will just be pressured into doing what the rest of the group of people want and when you are out numbered your decision counts for less and the pressure of conformity makes you think I might has well go with the very much majority vote. 3. Also you may have to agree with the group because of the consequences that you may face of the group, you don’t want to get physically beaten by anyone so you would do the task asked to do, which is major factor of conformity.

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The first factor that may influence obedience is when someone with authority and more power than you tells you what to do, you do it because they don’t want to get done because if they don’t do it they will be punished for not doing has they were asked of the person that has the job of telling them what to do. 2. Another factor of obedience is that you might be intimidated by Another factor of obedience is that you might be intimidated by the person with the authority because you might think if you say no bad things might happen to you.

If you think that things could happen to you if you don’t do as you are told, this will automatically trigger obedience, because the fear factor comes into your mind so you will be scared if you don’t do what your peer tells you to do. The third factor that may influence obedience is that the man who is getting told by is peer to do something may feel it’s is duty to do what ever he is telling him and therefore that is a factor that could trigger obedience.

If the mans thinks that he has to listen to people with more power at all times this will automatically trigger obedience. All public service groups have leaders, so they are all kept disciplined and ready for any tasks they may be called up to do. Without a leader it would be Chaos because nobody would be putting them into any kind of order. If there’s nobody enforcing the rules the rules are just on paper, but if there’s a leader enforcing them you will be forced to obey the written rules.

The police have the police authority’s order of 2001 which orders a code of conduct for the police, it came into force for England and Wales on 27th November 2001. Also the Lancashire fire brigade adopted a code of conduct from the 22nd April 2002. The military like to show there authority by choosing leaders to enforce there written rules. The consequences of breaking the fire brigade or the police code of conduct will result in you being disciplined like deduction of pay or even more serious consequences that you may be discharged all together.

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