Feature Article: Drug Abuse by UK Youngsters Essay

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Feature Article: Drug Abuse by UK Youngsters

Discovery of the unknown and trying new things are the themes of the life of teenagers to young adults who feel the need to extend their boundaries in order to obtain a more fulfilling life. This is true for the case of British youngsters who have been discovered to be indulging in the abusive usage of drugs (Hickley, 2006).

Reports from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, a British government sector, have shown that a great scale of British youngsters seem to be unaware of the effects of drug abuse on their life on a longitudinal perspective that they tend to overuse these harmful chemicals for self-gratifying purposes (Hickley, 2006). In fact, about 20 to 25% of the total teen-age and young adult population of Britain is found to have used illegal drugs (Hickley, 2006).

Youngsters are seen partying in clubs, drinking until dawn, participating in group riots, and are literally destroying their lives just to feel the psychological effects attributed to the utilization of drugs. Among the list of drugs, cannabis is seen to be most popularly used.  Recent reports have even shown that young people tend to use drugs in order to acquire a more fulfilling sexual experience, an event that may lead to prostitution, spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and promiscuity (News Group Newspaper Ltd., 2008).

It is actually very sad that these people are being misguided by the absence of proper laws that will directly prohibit, and even prosecute them to use drugs. The future of the British race lies in the hand of the present generation and if it appears that the said generation is out of track then it is likely to think that the future of this nation is compromised.

Immediate actions must be done by the British government to formulate laws that will certify proper academic drug education in high school and college, increasing the minimum of age that is allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks from 16 to 18, a substance that usually goes along with the usage of drugs, imposition of strict rules on late night partying, and on encouraging parents to provide responsible parenthood to their children.

These steps, if executed in the soonest possible time, can save British youngsters from a life of misery and unfulfilled life goals to a more rewarding and productive way of life.


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