Feasibility Study Apartment Essay

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Feasibility Study Apartment

In our everyday life, we use Real Estate in some manner; we make use of Real Estate resources to provide shelter, comfort, convenience, and privacy, a place of work, recreational facilities and related services. In an estimate Real Estate represent more than 40% of the national wealth. The basic component of realty is not only the surface of the earth but also the property rights and interest that attach to ownership of realty. Thus the Real Estate means acquire of land and building which called inherent right. The men who are owner, user, maker, financer or marketer of the property have some rights to the property.

Nowadays, the demand for apartment/boarding houses has increased because of population growth. To assemble the needs and wants of every individual and family, therefore, Blue Sky Townhouse the need to put up additional units that provides the desired amenities and facilities for prospective tenants. When the demand is met owner can gain profit.

Project Long Range Objectives
Blue Sky Townhouse is innovation to pursue customer’s reliance and relevant service in order to achieve customer satisfaction. The objectives of the business are the following:

1)To gain profit.
2)To secure and provide high quality service.
3)To sustain the needs of the clients by affordable living.
4)Offers maximize occupancy of available units.

Organizational Chart

Officers of the business and their qualification:
The owners will finance the business and also they perform the strategic planning, marketing, selling, and decision making process for the business to achieve the objectives.
The manager decides what can be possible to make the business profitable and responsible for controlling the business. He must be a graduate of any four (4) years business course.
Secretary or Accounting Clerk is responsible in the financial activities of the business. He must be a graduate of any business course and has an experience in recording, bookkeeping and must be computer literate. Maintenance will be responsible in maintaining the environment of the business. He should have good records and must be friendly.

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