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Feasibility Study Essay

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1. 1 Tourism Profile Long Meadows is located in Mahabang Parang , Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Mahabang Parang is1. 0466 squared kilometer and as we saw the ranking of barangays in Sta. Maria we saw that Mahabang Parang is in the 19th place. First it was owned by Mrs. Luzviminda Aguirre. When Mrs. Luzviminda Aguirre past away, her husband Mr. Bonifacio Aguirre and their children Armine Aguirre Garcia and Jayson Adlai Aguirre manage the resort. Established in 1988, Long Meadows Country Resort started as a private Guest’s house and opened to the public as a resort.

It is less than 30 minutes away from Balintawak toll Entry going to North It sits on a 3-hectare property, more than a hectare of which is properly developed. The resort features two (2) adult Pools, two (2) kiddie Pools, a private Pool with Villa, 17 air-conditioned rooms and open cottages, Bowling Center and Restaurant and Praderas Garden Pavillion The place exudes that rustic yet charming appeal of a countryside resort complete with quality service and facilities.

Long Meadows Country Resort is also Affiliated with Bulacan Association of Resort Owners ( BARO ), Sta.

Maria Business Association ( SMBA ) and Tourism Projects.. 1. 2 Geography Mahabang Parang is generally flat. The source of living here in Mahabang Parang are agriculture and sewing or tailoring. And also this is the best place to build a resort. CLIMATE Santa Maria has a climate “first type” which is defined as having two pronounced seasons: Dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year. During the dry months, precipitation is less because of the prevailing easterly wind blow to produce rainfall in its leeward side.

Santa Maria’s most perceptible months start from May and may have its maximum in August, which gradually decreases until December. During these most months, thunderstorms and rain showers causes precipitation in May and June while the rest is primarily due to the southeast monsoon that prevails on this particular part of the year. Others which occur in November and December are caused by tropical cyclones that pass through the area. Temperature The annual mean temperature in the area is 27. 7 °C. The warmest month is May with mean temperature of 29.

9 0 C while the coldest is January at 25. 2 °C. 1. 3Demographics Language As it is part of the Tagalog cultural sphere (katagalugan), Tagalog is the predominant language of Bulacan so in Mahabang Parang we used Tagalog. Population During the census year of 2010, there were 3,411 people residing in Mahabang Parang and grew to 3,628 in 2013. CHAPTER II: OBJECTIVE SETTING To rehabilitate Long Meadows Country Resort because we want this to be on the popular tourism spot located in Sta. Maria and to grow the economics of the town.

Also to set up and develop new amenities of this resort and meet customer needs. To construct recreational resort to gain more guest. We construct new and relaxing amenities to provide relaxation and recreation to the guest. To rehabilitate recreation and leisure because we want to develop new amenities and meet customers need. Also to construct resort and gain more guest, visiting the resort. Having the marketing strategies to increase the sales of recreational activities and accommodation of the resort and to be as one of the competitors here in Bulacan.

Lastly, to become “catchy” in terms of different new trending activities and known the resort through this. CHAPTER IV: FINANCIAL CONSIDERATION (Including 30% labor) Pool 2 Slide & concrete stair – 150,000 Wall Climbing 50ft. – 120,000 Bowling Center – 1,500,000 Gate 2 – 26,000 ______________ Total Amount:1,796,000 CHAPTER V: APPENDICES MAIN GATE ENTRANCE ONE OF THE COTTAGES POOL 1 PRIVATE POOL JACCUZI VACANT LOT FOR WALL CLIMBING POOL SLIDE POOL STAIR GATE 2 BOWLING CENTER INSIDE BOWLNG CENTER.

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