Fear Chasers Essay

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Fear Chasers

The genre of the game, ‘Fear Chasers’ is action with some horror elements attached to it and aims at overcoming the fears of the players. The players in this game would be engaged mostly in action to survive the assaults coming from their enemies. As the title suggests the players would be chased by their fears while moving through the environment until they conquer their fears.

Game Content Description

The game ‘Fear Chasers’, starts with a group of teenagers loitering around until they reach a pet store. There they saw an aquarium full of spiders and an old mysterious lady, who is the owner of the store. The old woman gave them some plastic spiders, which had magical powers but the teenagers unaware of the truth took them as souvenirs. However, the mysterious old woman’s motive was to teach these teenagers a lesson on how to tackle and conquer their fears.

The old woman’s purpose was served when the teenagers take the glittery plastic spiders to their home and on their way they discard those spiders. They were astonished to see the spiders get scattered which started to sparkle brightly. The teenage group gets struck in this unimaginable situation and as they opt to pass the spiders, their fears come into reality. Each of them faces unusual situation created out of their own spectrum of fear by the magical spiders given by the old mystery woman.

The fearful situation and environment is created according to the inner fears of each character and hence the setting of the game is totally outdoors like, forests, caves, water, sky, etc. The game ‘fear chaser’, is a one player game with three characters available namely, Amora, Landell and Oceana. A player has to get passed and overcome the assigned number of fears of each character in each level to get on the next level of the game.

The complication of the fears would increase as the player progress in the game and the fears would approach the player in a quicker pace. With the completion of the first level, the other fears would be unlocked and the player had to them defeat and overcome those fears as well in order to complete the game.

Description on how the content was produced

The game ‘Fear Chasers’ was targeted towards the teenagers between the ages 12-19 and hence rated as T. It’s a game for Play Station II in a 3D platform, aiming to raise the level of video gaming. (Video game revolution). The main objective of the game is to overcome and defeat the fear of each character to promote the player to the next level and the goal for the player is to successfully complete all the levels and overcome all the obstacles and find out what is the main objective of the old mystery woman of the pet store.

The content of the game ‘Fear Chasers’ was produced with the help of various 3D software to make the content of the game look more lifelike and real. This software helps in incorporating animation, modeling, visual effects, etc in the game and makes the characters look really deadly and lifelike. Maya 3D designing software is one such tool that makes this task possible for the graphic artists. There is also use of software like, face robot, which helps to make the faces of the characters distinguishing with real lifelike facial expressions.  (Autodesk Maya; Softimage Face Robot, 2009)

Software Used for the development of this game

Here are the names of some software that were used in the development of this game, ‘Fear Chasers’.

The game ‘Fear Chasers’ has an outdoor theme and environment unless there are situations where any particular fear is behind any closed door. The game is set on the background of green grass and all the elements of nature. The fears of each character are associated with different natural environments and hence, the game’s background comprises of forests, caves, clouds, sky, sun, oceans, lakes, etc. In the initial phase of the game the background is quite realistic, with the backdrop of a city and the pet store, where the teenage group is found loitering.

Details on how the content to be used/viewed

The game ‘Fear Chasers’ is an action packed video game with a goal of finding out what the mysterious old woman’s real intention. In the first level a player has to choose one character from the teenage group and combat the fears of that chosen character. As it is said, a player has to select one character out of three and once the character is selected, the other two characters get locked and are unlocked only after the successful completion of each level. A player after starting the game should try to defeat the enemies and proceed without losing life, which would give him more chance of completing the game and reaching the end point.

The number of life under normal conditions allotted to a player is three and if a player dies three times then he had to start the game once again from the beginning of the level he is in. There are certain locations in the level 2 of the game, which can be accessed by the player only after completing the previous mentioned task and the powers are also available from level 2. After the completion of each level, the old woman would appear and as a reward of bravery would hand over a gold coin to the player.

There are three gold coins all together, one each after successful completion of each level, symbolizing “Bravery”, “Strength” and “Courage”. After the completion of the third level, the old lady would arrive and turned into a lethal sorcerer, who would fight the player as an ultimate test. If the player is able to defeat the sorcerer then he would be rewarded with a large platinum coin, symbolizing “Sophistication”.  Then the sorcerer will chuckle proudly floating up saying “Naivety will be the death of you, judge not danger by mere appearance”, ending the game.


In the game ‘Fear Chasers’, there are lots of challenges that a player has to face while proceeding in each level of the game. As the game progresses, the challenges become more interesting and hard to overcome. In fact, the fears of each character come haunting in a rather quick pace with the progress of the game. To make the journey of the player more interesting and resourceful through the game, there are some options of collecting stamina, extra life and powers.

The extra stamina helps the player to survive the destructive attacks of the enemies by deadly objects and the extra stamina is obtained by walking through the stamina icons that is, floating hearts. The extra life icon is a pebble, which the player has to pick up from the ground and it adds one more life to the number of life, which is three under the normal course of the game. Then there are power icons, which are gift boxes with ribbons varying in color representing different powers.

The powers include ability to fly, electricity zapping, glowing, fire breathing, powerful energy, etc. These powers help the player to kill their enemies, breathe under water and conquer all the fears coming their way. Each character in the game has some specific fears and the whole level of the game is based on those fears. For example, the character Amora has fears of spiders and caves hence, in level one of the game, she is been attacked by huge spiders in the tunnels and caves. Therefore, in the whole level of the game, the player have to combat the fearful spiders shooting from all directions with deadly poison along with getting caught in webs, leaping over spider nests, etc.


The game ‘Fear Chasers’ has been designed and conceptualized to bring back the glory of the platform games among the present young generation. Specially targeted to the teenage group, the game comprises of actions, thrills and horror elements with astonishing graphics and engaging background music. The variation of fears and obstacles being the major characteristic of the game, it also promotes character growth through the engaging journey of the characters with a set of destination and a challenging goal. The game promises to be entertaining as well as engaging to the players with a feeling of adrenaline as the fears of the characters, which keeps on coming at an increasing pace making the challenges more difficult to overcome. Have a happy gaming!


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