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When people ask which places gave us the fondest memory as a child, the first place that comes to our mind is our childhood home. It is no doubt that our childhood home is the place we are most familiar with. Every corner and every space gave us a sense of safety. Our childhood home is also the place we grew more mature in as days goes by, helping us develop our personality and instilling important values in us. It is obvious that when it comes to our childhood home, many people look forward to revisit it, as people refer it as their “good old days”.

To this day, my childhood home is the warmest place on Earth to me. Though it looks a little bit different than before now, it doesn’t change the way I feel about it. My childhood home was a double storey terrace house, with clean white walls and two pillars extending from the car porch to the red clay roof.

We had two balconies, one at the front and one at the back, which actually is one of my favourite places to spend time at when I was still a little child. I remember walking in through the front gate, opening the door and being greeted by my dog was the thing I look forward to the most after school.

Naturally, there are some spaces in our childhood home were more special than others to us. Mostly because we were most comfortable and happy in that space, or we simply spent most of our time in that space.

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For me, my favourite space in my childhood home is my living room. There is no doubt that the living room is where friends and family gather. The living room is where we converse and bond, its also where we catch up with guests and relatives when they come over. Like the name implies, the living room is the liveliest space in a house.

As a child, everything seemed much bigger than it was. The living room gave me a warm feeling, being able to spend time with my family and friends there or to learn piano when our private teacher comes over. The kitchen is just like a second living room, except that its where food is made. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen to bond, it’s also the place where we first learn to help other people and to hone our cooking skills. My dad’s office downstairs is one of the spaces I spent the least time in, just because the atmosphere is always heavy and stressful.

Upstairs, the space outside all our bedrooms is where I spent most of my time doing my homework and assignments, as it is spacious and its where the computers are at. Its like a love hate relationship with that particular space because I either play computer games there or study. My bedroom is of course the space that I’m most relaxed in, its where I rest and carry out my self-care routines. My bedroom is connected to the balcony behind, so me and my sisters spent some time there talking and chatting whenever we couldn’t go to sleep at night. My sister’s bedroom layout is exactly the same as mine, just mirrored. However, I don’t visit her room a lot because she likes her own privacy. Finally, two times the size of my bedroom, I often slept with my parents when I’m still in kindergarten as I liked the sense of safety that my parents gave me.

Revisiting our childhood home is one of the most emotional journeys we can go on. Although its filled with happy memories and some heartaches, I believe that we all have the ache to return to our childhood home occasionally. Those were the times that we cannot forget after all.

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