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Favorite Brand Paper

Sony is one of the leading if not leading technology Corporation within the technical business world today. This organization headquarters can be found in Tokyo, Japan. Sony business is focus on electronics, entertainment, and gaming systems, and it also has a financial service sector. The Sony organization mainly focus on electronics such as video games, and TV networking. With these elements it makes Sony a premier organization that deals with consumer satisfaction, and gives them a comprehensive identity within the technology industry.

This corporation has many different brands to offer to the public. Yet, only one stands out in my opinion, and that’s the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation gaming system has been around for many years. Now in there are plenty of features that stands out. The price is one of the most interesting factors. Sony has dropped the price in the early stage of the PlayStation 4 to affordable price of $299.00. Making it’s a affordable gaming console that offers a wide range of different games. Another reason why I enjoy this gaming console it offers a built in wifi system with no extra cost.

Other features that makes this brand stand out is the graphics and design of the console. With any type of computer like system the heart of it is the central processing unit. This feature gives the PlayStation 4 an excellent graphic experience that causes individual to fall in love with its system. The gaming console controller is featured with gripped handles and easy to understand movements of the controls.

Sony Corporation has established an excellent long-term connection with consumers worldwide. This organization is known for offering credit to loyal consumers across the board. By giving discounts as well as payback procedures. Sony risk management is one of the key reasons why their growth is superior within their industry. By developing consumer surveys that help enhance their product, and shows their loyalty by taking in account consumers opinions. In using this strategy Sony has now discover that consumers have a exceedingly high expectation when it comes to quality, the value of their money. Therefore, Sony gives a complete effort to make consumers satisfied with their experiences using their products.

The new Playstation 4 has a share of competition such as the Xbox 360 as well as his counterpart the Xbox One and as well is the Nintendo. In order to be competitive sony has to have compassion dealing with consumers by being compassionate with their prices. Microsoft gaming console’s are expensive at price of $100 more then the PlayStation 4. The other brands or somewhat cheaper but does not have the design and graphics the PlayStation 4 has such as the Nintendo. This gaming system has different devices, and they are very cheap with a price tag of $114.00 to $200.00. This is another japanese made product, but does not have the features as the PlayStation 4.

Offering only the basic gaming experience. Another factor that makes the Sony brand stand out is that it offers an elite online gaming thats free. The Xbox 360 in the Xbox One has an annual price they charge for their online games, and individuals limited to games, as for the Nintendo it does not offer these feature. Individuals as well can play Blu Ray high definition DVDs on their Playstation 4. The competition is limited in this category offering only the basic views dealing with DVDs & high definition games.

With all these elements concerning the gaming industry. PlayStation 4 continue to outsell its competition. Which is the Xbox One as well is the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo. In turn makes it the number one gaming console worldwide. Sony has committed to cultivating it’s gaming system for the next generation to enjoy the product. Sony PlayStation 4 has no pressure with it status in the gaming industry with it significant prices, and design. With gives reasoning to buy the console.

Therefore, marketing is all about identify as well as being committed to consumers needs. I have the pleasure of stating that this organization have successfully built a market that is loyal to their customers. Sony has alway created dissimilar products that allows them to build capital and become a leader within their respective industry. By working internally dealing with each divisional labor department to ensure correct research training as well as planning their marketing mix to serve the global community.


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