“Fatigue” by Jane Brody Essay

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“Fatigue” by Jane Brody

In the article “Fatigue” by Jane Brody, she states that fatigue is one the most common complaints brought to friends, family, and doctors. She goes on to explain what fatigue is and why so many people are affected by it. She also reveals that the causes of fatigue today are quite different than they used to be. Actually, fatigue is more likely fallout from not being active more than from being overactive. We also learn there are three main categories of fatigue. They are physical fatigue, pathological fatigue, and psychological fatigue.

She starts with the most known fatigue: physical. That is when your muscles get overworked and drain your strength. The quickest cure to this is resting to restore your muscle fuel. Then she goes on to pathological fatigue, which is pretty much a warning sign to the body that something else might be wrong with you. An example she illustrates is, when you have a serious illness like cancer, you’re likely to feel the effects of fatigue for a prolonged time and not know something else is wrong with you. If that happens do not ignore it, seek a physician.

Psychological is the last fatigue she covers and she states it is “by far” the most common cause of prolonged fatigue. This fatigue is caused by emotional problems and life struggles, like depression and anxiety. Tired housewife syndrome is an example of psychological fatigue. This is when young mothers with the same day to day routine start to grow resentful and/or envious of their husband’s job because of their uneventful, boring lives. They then start feeling guilty of their feelings and rather than face them, they just become highly fatigued.

Brody finishes with letting her readers know that accepting the concealed emotional problems is THE important first step towards the cure for psychological fatigue. Professional psychological help or career or marriage counseling may be needed.

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