Fatigue Essay Topics

Pilot fatigue as a causal factor in aviation accidents

This paper aims to delve into the processes and effects of pilot fatigue and its role as a causal factor in aviation accidents. Pilot fatigue as a term is hard to define since different kind of people feel it in different ways and in certain degrees. For the purpose of this paper, however, we will… View Article


This is a summary of Jane Brody’s article, “Fatigue”. Fatigue is one of peoples most common complaints. Even though there is new technology that saves people from doing everything by hand people still complain about being tired. Brody stated that physicians reported people who tend to keep themselves busy with work tend to not be… View Article

Signs and Symptoms

~Cough, Unintentional weight loss, Fatigue, Fever, Night Sweats, Chills, Lost of Appetite. “Treatment” With tuberculosis, you must take antibiotics for at least six to nine months. The exact drugs and length of treatment depend on your age, overall health, possible drug resistance, the form of TB (latent or active) and the infection’s location in the… View Article