Father and Son Relationship, Angela's Ashes

One of the greatest things in this world is the love that forms in between a dad and his boy. Lots of kids grow up with the desire to be much like their dads but for Frank McCourt having an alcoholic daddy causes him to mature with the mindset of being the reverse of him. In Angela’s Ashes the intriguing relationship in between Frank and Malachy produces positive and unfavorable impacts on Frank’s life.

Sometimes, Frank abhored his father for consuming the dole money however he knew that in the morning he would have his father to himself.

Resting on his daddy’s lap and hearing stories about Cuchulain was what made Frank feel enjoyed. Although Malachy handled to make his boy feel unique, the sufferings that were caused by him made unfavorable effect on Frank’s life.

One of the favorable impacts that Malachy produced for Frank was the Cuchulain story. Cuchulain represented Malachy’s fatherly side which just occurred when he was sober.

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Cuchulain was something that Frank showed his dad that made it extremely unique for him.

He hang on to the memories he spend with his father and no matter how mad Frank was at Malachy he understood that the very best thing to do was hold his anger in and not put their relationship in risk, “My heart is banging away in my chest and I do not understand what to do due to the fact that I understand I’m raging inside like my mom by the fire and all I can consider doing is running in and providing him a great start the leg and running out again but I don’t since we have the early mornings by the fire when he informs me about Cuchulain and DeValera and Roosevelt and if he exists drunk and purchasing pints with the infant’s cash he has that look in his eyes Eugene had when he browsed for Oliver and I might too go house and inform my mother a lie that I never ever saw him couldn’t discover him” (McCourt 185).

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Frank knows his daddy’s addiction is what made the household suffer. The special moments that Frank developed with his dad was what stopped him from kicking him in the leg. Although Frank saw his daddy consume his little sibling’s cash, it was Frank’s love towards his father that made him walk away from the bar.

Malachy’s addiction affected the way Frank solved his problems. Since Malachy was always out in pubs it created a negative impact on his relationship with Frank. When Frank got troubled for hearing the word “piss” he turned to the Angel on the Seventh Step for help instead of his father.

Malachy’s drinking often causes Frank to distance himself away from him during times where he was in need. Since Frank noticed that Malachy’s fatherly side only came out when he was sober he decided to seek help somewhere else. When he received help from the angel, Malachy felt the feeling of being denied by his son, “All right.

Tell the priest if you like but the Angel on the Seventh Step said that only because you didn’t tell me first. Isn’t it better to be able to tell your father your troubles rather than an angel who is a light and voice in your head?” (McCourt 125). Malachy ruined the relationship he had with his son the moment he picked alcohol over his family. He turned his back to his family when they needed him the most.

Frank was affected by his father’s addiction at an early age. Watching his father come home at night shaped Frank’s perspective on life. He often referred Malachy as the Holy Trinity because of his various attitudes, “I think my father is like the Holy Trinity with three people in him, the one in the morning paper, the one at night with the stories and prayers, and then the one who does the bad thing and comes home with the smell of whiskey and wants us to die for Ireland” (McCourt 210). Frank always found a way to have pity over his father but when he move to England, Frank no longer felt pity over him but anger.

The moment Malachy stepped foot in England was the moment where Frank grew anger towards him. He was furious at his dad for being selfish and causing his family to go through starvation. The negative impact that Malachy created caused Frank to get a job as a telegram boy. Since he was a lot older his mentality started changing towards his father.

He no longer looked as his father as the one who made him feel special through the Cuchulain stories but as a selfish father who spent money on drinks. Malachy’s bad actions caused Frank to grow up with the mentality of being the opposite of his father. The bad example that Malachy demonstrated benefited Frank because it showed him what a man is not suppose to do.

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Father and Son Relationship, Angela's Ashes

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