Fastfit Case Homework

1. How might Fred employ the MIS Integrative Framework to ensure that Web site design and functionality align with the customer intimate focus of FastFit?

a. Working with the company’s marketing and public relations firm on color and graphic choices for the site in order to engage customers
b. Web page templates, an ecommerce transaction processing suite, and a content management system required to design website
c. high-touch and rich information about products
d. knowledge about customers/CRM
e. Customer database management
f. Targeting new customers online/promotion by search engine site g. add more lines as needed….

2. How does the narrative in the FastFit Web Site Case reflect the best practices of the project management Life Cycle (PMLC)?

Actions by FastFit’s Project Team
Fred plays the role of project manager in the team when the firm is obliged to introduce new information technologies Fred establishes a project governance team comprised of all stakeholders, including the CEO, CFO, head of procurement, two store managers, and three top sales/customer relations people Analysis

Purchased off-the-shelf and customized for the needs of the company Fred gathers detailed business requirements for the planned Web site through interviewing with stakeholders Make the final decision by the whole team

review the plan and budget
Contact Openvine Solutions and its sole proprietor Bill for designing the website work on color and graphic choices with the company’s marketing and public relations firm Infrastructure
Required Web page templates, an ecommerce transaction processing suite, and a Web site content management system The site links via Point-to-Point WAN to the Tier 3 applications running at FastFit Headquarters Development

Bi-weekly, one-hour review sessions are scheduled for governance reviews of project team work Reviewing the project plan, timeline, and budget according to task lists As the work begins, project team should balance project work against their day-to-day operational roles Implement of “change orders” right away if it has positive and limit impact on scope, duration and cost Bring up to governance if the “change” has significant impact Certification

Recruits employees as quality assurance testers, responding for website performance testing If the design and functionality all meet requirements, then the site is certified for production-level use.

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sign off on an official launch date for the website
plunge implementation in that all site functionality must be in place at the start.

crafting service level agreements partner companies to clear their roles and responsibilities when the site goes live

upgrading the system or replacing application if the ecommerce website does not profitable anymore

Post-Project Assessment
Overall Web site operations do not conflict with the store operations

The site conveys the same high-touch customer service zeal as the in-store FastFit experience.

3. What risks did FastFit face in launching this project and how were these risks mitigated? If they did not address a particular risk sufficiently, what else would you do?

Its Mitigation

FastFit’s high-touch, information rich, and personalized approach to selling may not apply to Web site operations Fred establishes a project governance team comprised of all stakeholders, and each person has clear responsibility or role A lot of IT required for Fastfit as it moves to ecommerce.

The hosting company will carry the burden of Web site 24 x 7 servicing
Less interaction with customers online
Set three of FastFit’s top sales/customer relations people
Fastfit do not its own website in-house, instead it may rely on the vendor Partnership(external) with Openvine solutions who experts at building sites

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