Fast Weight Loss: Good or Bad? Essay

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Fast Weight Loss: Good or Bad?

Obesity and excess weight gain is the byproduct of unscientific food menu adopted by the present world. The calorie content and the items consumed are not medically acceptable in most cases. People tend to walk less and do less volume of physical exercises that could have burnt out the excess fat in a natural way.  The result of this neglect is obesity and similar health related issues.

Once people realize that they need to do something to counter this, they tend to adopt methods that act fast to help them become slim. Here we will analyze a few methods that offer similar medications for people who plan to fight obesity. An important argument heard these days regarding fast weight loss is that, most of these methods adopt harmful hazardous drugs to bring in the so called ‘fast’ effect to fight obesity.

As per the study conducted by London based Obesity Task Force, about 1.7 billion people are overweight in the whole world and there are even more overweight people who strongly wish to lose weight. The most recent research says that the number of overweight people in the United States has increased and about 70 % of people in United States are suffering from overweight issues.

Dieticians and doctors have been constantly highlighting the negative effects of diet pills they say that Diet pills are of high risk potential for health. Most of this medication aims at reducing appetite thereby reducing calorie intake. The result is reduced metabolic rate and associated gastric issues. They warn that the issues can alleviate to severe conditions like seizures, heart troubles, irregular heartbeats, cardiac arrest and elevated blood pressure.

The most important content of the widely sold diet pills are phentermine and ephedrine. Both these drugs have proven side effects. Extended usage of phentermine may cause distorted eyesight, nausea, vomiting etc… Ephedrine is a clear catalyst for heart attack. Many heart attack deaths have a history of administering Ephedrine as its main cause. It is also seen that people use these drugs on their own, even without a prescription and the situation worsens. There are websites that sell these drugs and they don’t even ask for prescriptions from a medical practitioner.

However in the present world there exists a wide spread usage of drugs that assure fast weight loss. Most of these products are more often sold as a consumer product than as a medication. This alleviates the seriousness of the situation. People need to be made aware that being healthy is also as important as losing weight.

A secondary market in the fast weight loss scenario is the food supplement market. There are brands that sell specially made low calorie food supplement that reduces weight. These brands have supplements for almost all food items like snacks, soups, fries and custom made items for break fast, lunch and dinner.

All these items are said to be of low calorie value, but simultaneously nutritious. Many of these programmes that offer food supplement also encourages drinking lot of water, 6 -8 glasses of water a day. As per experts genuine food supplement diet can be good for reducing weight as it is a planned strategy that does not deny nourishment to the body but it jus avoid the extra calories. The disadvantage of this system identified by obesity patients is that, it takes lot of time to experience the result. Sometimes it may extend up to months and years. So it cannot be considered a full fledged ‘fast weight loss programme’.

Fasting can be a good idea to fight obesity. But many experts have different idea in this respect. While engaged in regular fasting or extensive fasting course if you take low calorie food or if you take just fruit juices then with no doubt you ought to lose weight. People face other health issues like the juice diet may not contain all the vital nutrients for the well being of the body such as vitamins, minerals, and other proteins. A prolonged fasting with only juices may result in other health issues.

Also if you stop fasting to return to your previous eating habits, then you may tend to gain even more weight than it was before.  Periodic fasting is the most acceptable solution that truly works. This helps o lead a balanced healthy life. Fasting also offers rest to the digestive system and helps to expel toxins from the body. As mentioned earlier regarding administration of drugs, fasting should also be done with proper medical advice. It is not wise to administer fasting as the central technique to losing weight. There should be a perfect balance between what you eat and how much weight you loose. Also the health condition should be frequently monitored by a doctor.

Herbal therapy for losing weight is now gaining momentum worldwide. People consider herbal therapies as comparatively safer and with more good effects. Herbal remedies are also said to have a long term effect on obesity. Below listed are a few herbs that have capabilities to catalyze weight loss:

1.      Cayenne: This herb includes capsaicin that increases saliva, heightens digestion and alleviates the metabolic activities. This herb can be taken along with the food for best results.

2.      Green tea: This is very similar to tea or coffee and is rich in vitamin C. Green tea also has other vital ingredients such as essential minerals. It is also rich in anti oxidants. This is a natural stimulant. This can be consumed in liquid stage and can be an effective replacement for tea, coffee and other beverages.

3.      Seaweed: Seaweeds for one of the richest sources of essential minerals including iodine and chromium. It acts as a natural tonic for thyroid. This is available as tablets and capsules ready to be consumed. The herb has drastic effects for weight loss and for maintaining general health.

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