Fast Food Restaurants Essay

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Fast Food Restaurants

Americas number one and most famous invention of all time the almighty fast food and its various different types of as what I consider “snacks” that are made into meals with a side of French fries and a soda that is quite a bit too large to wash all that salty goodness down, but luckily for some it really doesn’t end with just hamburgers and French fries this array of options spams out from the very basic hamburger to knockoff Mexican dishes to deli sandwiches.

For the fast food industry I personally would say is not all this seven headed monster, I would say it comes with its various benefits and at the same time its various disadvantages and bad points.

So let’s start the breakdown of both and see what some of the pros and cons are of this fast food industry so let’s start with the pros, first pro I would say of the fast food business is the fact that they will always give opportunity for new employees even at a low pay but still offering good opportunity for work , another plus side of this industry would have to be as of more recent times the change in menus with the implementation of healthier foods and after all this protest and controversy of the public they have started offering nutrition labels of their foods so now it’s a little easier to know how many calories or how much sodium you are ingesting when you are eating that almighty burger, a few other examples of the pros of fast food is how many different chains of fast food you can find and the range of products offered now to the costumer , another very good pro of fast food would have to be prices since you can go to almost any of these chains and spend a dollar and get something to eat, there is also the convenience factor to this since you don’t have to stand in front of a grill and cook anything or don’t have to buy the bread and all the other ingredients that go into the burger or whatever else it is that you are eating and for the business executive that doesn’t really have time to waste to sit down at a restaurant to eat he can just grab a quite something on his way to his next meeting.

Since some of the pros were listed now let’s talk about some of the cons and what fast food does to you or better yet what it can do to you, fast food the industry the devil in some way the same person that will give with one hand and take away with the same hand, it’s a industry that can afford to pay a bit more to its employees but will choose to pay the very minimum wage required by the state law, it’s the same industry that fought over and over again to not show nutrition content of its food to the public, it’s the same industry that uses worm filler for its burgers and also horse meat for its patties, it’s the number one cause of obesity in this country but then again no one has a gun to anyone’s head to say oh you better eat this burger but at the same time for some less fortunate family it’s the only thing that they can afford to buy to eat and like I mentioned before it’s the devil that gives with one hand and takes it away with the same since a lot of these less fortunate family’s eat that on a constant basis they get sick and end up having high cholesterol and all types of other life crippling diseases but get stuck on this cycle since their medication is way too expensive and they can’t eat or afford anything else, these fast food companies will never care if the constant consume of their food gets their clients sick simply because they are only after the money being generated by each franchise opened up.

So really to conclude this there’s some good, some bad but in the end of the day it comes down to each one of us to make a choice in what we eat and how many times we eat fast food, some people even with prolonged consumption of fast food will never have a single problem some will but its literally at that point a matter of free will and choice to what we eat and how we spend our money into the food we eat.

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