Fast Food Consumption Propostition Paper Essay

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Fast Food Consumption Propostition Paper

Fast food consumption is becoming a major concern as obesity and diseases are linked to unhealthy eating habits. Due to the prevalence in obesity, controversy has been raised around the question of whether or not it is the consumers or the corporations to blame. Many fast food chains have been sued for allegedly contributing to obesity and have been blamed for the poor health of many people. Although some fast food restaurants may be partially responsible when they fail to post nutrition information and warnings about the foods content as well as use sophisticated marketing strategies to lure in consumers, it is a ridiculous claim to say that the corporations are completely at fault. In my opinion, people who suffer from obesity and other related diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits have no one to blame but themselves.

The lack of personal responsibility has many people blaming fast food restaurants for making such unhealthy food available when in reality it is the people themselves who are making the decision to go out and buy and consume fast food. There is no one pressuring consumers into eating fast food, the same goes for people who smoke cigarettes and blame the tobacco industry for getting cancer when it is solely the consumer’s decision to start smoking in the first place. Regardless of whether or not a fast food restaurant labels their food with their nutrition information, it should be common sense that greasy, processed food is not a healthy choice. It is clear that fast food and obesity go hand in hand, consumers need to start taking responsibility for their life choices rather then trying to turn it around on the corporations and blame them for their own failure to take care of their health and well being.

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