Fast Food Essay

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Fast Food

Most of people prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken, shawarma or pizza and they don’t know that this food will lead them to many health diseases. The main reason of eating fast food that many people are working long hours, shifts, or extended school hours and this will result in less time being available for cooking. The purpose of this essay is to discuss three effects of fast food eating which are the obesity, the loss of the family tradition of eating together and the cost of doing it. The first effect of fast food is that it causes obesity. People when they eat too much fast food will be more able to obtain fat; as a result, it will lead to more dangerous diseases, for example, high cholesterol, heart attack and high blood pressure.

Also, teenagers who are suffer from overweight, they are mostly loss confident of themselves, like to be alone all the time and they are more obvious to have depression, Fatigue and Physical illnesses. The second effect of fast food eating is that it is making people isolated from the society. Sitting around the table with the family allows to share about their day and for parents to know more about their children. So, people when eating in the restaurant and spend most of their time outside; consequently, they are more likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarette and try marijuana. The third effect of eating fast food is that it will eventually result in kills our personal budget.

Fast food restaurant make their food taste good by add sugary substances. This also makes you want to come back, spending more money on food than necessary. These are three out of many other effects that fast food can have; however, to any sensible person they are more than enough to realize that fast food is bad. People cannot proud of being fat. It is terrible for health as well as personal appearance. In the end, those people who eat fast food are tend to be overweight, less time with family and live in poverty. Therefore, you should reduce eating too much of fast food.

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