Fashion Work and Identity Essay

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Fashion Work and Identity

Did you that the label is more important than the labeled? In the process of buying goods and services, majority tends to be drawn by the labels and little interest is given to the product. The label is more fascinating than the product and it seems to speak on behalf of the product. In the modern world, a culture has been developed where great is the label other than the brand.

Companies are digging deep in their pockets with an aim of making their brands more emotionally appealing. They have set out to make ‘cool hunting’, market research, design development and promotions in an effort of increasing the desirability of their brands. What is there in branding that makes is more attractive than the branded? (Virtual Advisor 2009, par 3).This essay looks at branding as a way of creating an emotional appeal in relation to various commodities.

The bare truth in the modern business world is the fact that there exists utterly nothing that competitors cannot imitate within time after a hot product has been released in the market. The world is a good copy cat. The great idea possessed by one person can be easily copied by others sooner that expected.  They will not only follow the leading product but will also produce a better work. The biggest question that arises then is, “To what extent do producers have to go to ensure that their products are not copied by others?” The answer to this question is the brand (Virtual Advisor 2009, par 4).

To get a better insight of the whole process of branding, it is essential to know what a brand is. A brand is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol or a design given to a product to make it identifiable from other products. With a brand on a certain good or service, people willing to buy goods as well as services can differentiate a particular commodity or service from those of a similar kind (Lake 2010, par 1). A brand can in this respect be summarized as the personality; a set of qualities that a prospective buyer can associate with the product in reference to the interaction they had with it (Harrison, par 3).

Qualities of a good brand

The old slogan that “There is nothing that actually happens before someone sells an item” can nowadays find itself in the dustbin and to take its place the new philosophy “There is nothing that actually happens before someone brands an item” (Virtual Advisor 2009, par 1). In the production process, a good brand will send a good message to the consumers of the goods and services, and hence draw hordes of them to buying the product. What follows when the demand goes high? Subsequently, there is increased profit to the producer.

No one will give a bad brand a thought or two but a good brand performs miracles. Along with sending clear messages, a good brand confirms the credibility of the product and provides a link to the targeted emotional prospects. Additionally, a good brand is so convincing to the buyer and concretes his/her loyalty to the product (Lake 2010, par. 3).

However, for one to be successful in branding, it is a must to know the demand trends first. This is to say that understanding what the customers, prospects as well as clients want will determine the choice of the brand. Their needs should be incorporated in the brand to build a stronger emotional appeal in them.  The brand exists in the minds as well as in the hearts of clients, customers and prospects. In simple calculations, it is the total sum of their perceptions and experience in which most can be influenced and a few cannot. A brand can be made to communicate effectively to the prospective buyers (Lake 2010, par. 4-5).

Branding should aspire to stretch out in an effort to make a product appealing to individuals’ emotions. A brand should not only communicate functionally and in terms of service but should also seek to distinguish the whole organization along with its services (Harrison, par. 8).  A strong brand will win the battle over the stiff competition for customers that increases day in day out. It is therefore the right thing to do in the investments on market research, design development, promotions as well as what would be termed as ‘cool hunting.’ These essentials will go along way to building a brand. Furthermore a brand is a promise to the customers; the only foundation in marketing communication that a producer cannot do without (Lake 2010, par 6).

Desirability of designer labels

In the business world, where the label is more important than the labeled, the uses of labels on products are numerous. One of the striking importances of designer labels is the platform they provide for innovative and creative communications. As had been earlier pointed out, a brand is a cornerstone on which every marketing communication rests upon. Other subsequent activities depend on the brand such as marketing. The direct marketing is developed from an already established brand and its revealed personality. Success, or on the other hand, failure of marketing is determined by the brand (Harrison par -10).

Through creativity in designing the labels, a label is the basic means through which a business enterprise is differentiated from a similar organization producing the same goods and services. The more appealing the label, the more easily it will stand-out shoulders high above the crowded market. This is only possible through innovation and creation of appealing designer labels. Labels are tools used to communicate effectively to the prospective buyers (Harrison par -10).

Additionally, the labels used in packaging helps in the identification of a particular product. Identification label is important for product promotion. The stickers help customers or clients to differentiate successfully among others on the shelves. Without labels, the whole market will be such a confused one (Parker 2010, par 1).

Another importance of a label is to give knowledge of a particular product such as the ingredients. It provides information to prospective customers on the nature of the product. A label in this respect gives more information to the prospective customers about the product in question. To accompany the name, ingredients used in the product preparation can also be mentioned in brief. This goes along way in fulfilling the informative function of a tag (Parker 2010, par 1-2).

More so, a designer label decorates the product making it more appealing in the eyes of the customers. For a marketer, it is essential in grabbing the viewers’ attention in the process of buying. A beautifully designed label will attract even those who were not in the mood of buying. Interests are aroused in the customer’s mind beyond the depths that one can imagine all because of the well cut-out label. Impulse buying can even be made when the product’s label looks more appealing. It adds the visual appeal of the overall product. An admirable label on a product communicates about the beauty of its inside as well as its use (Parker 2010, par 3).

Another desirability of designer labels that is equally important is the sale display it creates on the shelves. The label can be used on security bases. The labels are normally accompanied by a logo or a trade mark indicating the company from which it was made. In case of complaints by a customer through the use of the label as well as the trademark can easily reach the company to forward the complaints (Parker 2010, par 4).

A label represents more than words. It contains many intangible aspects such as feelings as well as the perceptions regarding the quality, status, image and lifestyle of a product. The label out of these intangible aspects creates the perception in the customer’s minds that no other good or service exists within the market parameters apart from the product or service in debate. A designer label gives an assurance to the customers that the goods or services they are going to buy are the right ones as well as the best (Virtual Advisor 2009, par 2).

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