Fashion marketing Essay

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Fashion marketing

Fashion marketing over the years has changed considerably. This has been due to number reasons which include culture, lifestyles, technology and the media. A case student of a student will be used.

Culture is a link between “three components: what people think, what they do, and the material products they produce” but also has the property of “shaping behaviour and consciousness within a human society”  (Hofstede, 2001)

Fashion marketing and culture are closely linked. People who are members of the same culture, most of the times have an unwritten code between them for many sectors of their life – social and private. Eskimos are a great example of such “unusual habits”, which offer their wife to their visitor during the first night and they simply mean “Thank you” with this gesture. Moreover, people around the world use different movements of their face, hands and body to express their feelings and a foreign student might feel embarrassed, annoyed or shocked when encounters incidents like the one mentioned above or ones that are totally new and beyond his expectations.

A Student may face difficulties to adapt to the climate of the new country as well, which might be too warm or too cold for the standards of his home town. Additionally, the food most probably will be different and this may make him feel sick or enthusiast about this. The most important aspect of a foreign student’s life will be the educational system and fashion, which may differ from the relationship between teacher and student, to the way the courses are being taught and gaining employment in the fashion industry due to different cultural norms and values.

The general  rule of thumb at this point is that, after a period of time, “the culture abroad may now come the ‘normal’ way of living” . The feelings, that have arisen from this whole situation of encountering a new culture, are distinctly different to what had been witnessed in Bulgaria. The most efficient way for a foreigner, student or traveller, before come into contact with another culture is to be prepared about the variation among cultures and fashion trends.

One must notice that if a stranger meets another culture, but put aside any egoistic feelings that might have, which do not let him understand the different lifestyles among people, will only gain from this interaction. Nowadays, that many countries become multi- cultural, it is important for the locals and the foreigners to try cooperating with each other in order both of them to live smoothly together. (Hofstede, 2001)

The term “fashion” holistically covers a plethora of different trends and styles. It has been observed in the UK that many people dress to impress and others dress for attention purposes. Youngsters in the UK are becoming more and more fashionable and are becoming conscious of new trends and styles. People in the UK always strive to look their best which is painstakingly different to what it is like in Bulgaria where they seem reasonably content with whatever they wear.

Whether people in the UK dress smartly, wearing the latest designer labels that cost a fortune or whether they wear black Gothic clothes and cover their faces in thick make up, they take pride in their appearance which seems like a cultural norm in the UK.  (Connor, 1997)

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