Fashion industry Essay

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Fashion industry

I have always been interested in fashion and the fashion industry. For my Graduation Project I decided that I should do something that falls into that category. In my project I will research how fashion impacts teenagers. I have noticed that many teen fashion magazines have a huge impact on teens, because many teens look up to the girls inside and on the cover of the magazines. I feel as though it relates to me because I am a teenager and I feel as though fashion does have a big effect on us. In my paper I will first research self-expression through fashion. I will research the social/economic status of teenage fashion and identity. I also plan on researching the fashion influences from media on teens. I’m going to look into the career options that go along with this field in research also.

I intend on using videos, magazines, the internet, books, and hopefully interviews with people who are already working in this field. For my action plan, I am going to do a fashion show in my community. I haven’t fully decided on what the theme of my fashion show will be. I also would like to interview different teenagers and ask questions based on my topic. I would like to see what they think about fashion affecting them from their point of view also. Another idea I had for my action plan is to join Pittsburgh Youth Invasion. It is an program at The Andy Warhol Museum that holds fashion workshops to attend. During the workshop you can come up with your own design and learn how to make it. At the end of the workshop there will be a fashion show that will allow you to model your design. I understand the definition and consequences of plagiarism.

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