Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani Cultural Studies Essay

Gross saless of the Armani-Group in 1994 amounted to 1270 billion Lira ( $ 787 million ) , up 12.4 % from 1993. Garments accounted for about 850 billion Lira ( $ 527 million ) and accoutrements for approximately 420 billion Lira ( $ 260 million ) . In 1996, the group gross revenues, including gross revenues from accredited merchandises rose to about 2000 billion Liras ( $ 1.3 billion ) . The Armani-Group besides includes the sportswear company Simint, which handles all of Armani ‘s informal lines. Armani himself holds 53 % of the Simint assets. Simint was rated the best perfoming stock at the Milan exchange, with an one-year addition of 219 % with regard to the stock monetary value.

While Simint produces the Armani Jeans line, the Armani Junior label and the Emporio Armani work forces ‘s wear, the Emporio adult females ‘s apparels are produced by the Antinea ( gross revenues in 1996: 150 billion Lira ) , a 100 % Armani progeny. Giorgio Armani S.p.A. develops the Armani labels. In 1993, Giorgio Armani S.p.A. showed a 30 % growing in gross revenues to 695 billion Lira ( $ 442 million ) , therefore duplicating its gross revenues figures of 1990. Two old ages subsequently gross revenues were at 960 billion Liras ( $ 590 million ) , increasing another 25 % to 1200 billion Liras ( $ 778 million ) in 1996.

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Pre-tax net incomes for the Giorgio Armani S.p.A. marked 325 billion Liras ( $ 211 million ) .


The biggest export market for Armani is the United States, where Armani labels are sold at 12,000 points of sale. In 1995, Armani had 36 mercantile establishments transporting the sole Giorgio Armani and Borgonuovo-21 lines. Emporio Armani mercantile establishments numbered 119 in 1995, with 54 in Italy and 22 in Japan. This figure rose to 121 shops in 1997 and is planned to be increased by 8 in the close hereafter.

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A/X Armani Exchange used to be sold merely in the United States. In 1994, the A/X-stores were taken over by Club 21 USA, Inc. , but

continuesly struggled to vie with lower-priced rivals like Banana Republic. Today, Armani intends to open up even more A/X-outlets, besides presenting them to clients in Asia for the first clip.

Production/ Licenses

The chief Armani lines are produced by Italy ‘s largest maker of interior decorator garments, Gruppo GFT. Armani garments account for approximately 30 % of GFT gross revenues and are hence GFT ‘s most of import licence. In 1994, Armani tried to take over GFT with the aid of American investors, presumptively to assist out Armani ‘s sportswear affiliate, Simint, which had gotten into fiscal problem at the clip. Simint is now retrieving, after cutting its staff, altering its distribution construction, and concentrating its production in Italy. An economic turnaround could be achieved, which resulted in 1995/1996 in gross revenues of 255 billion Lira ( $ 160 million ) and turning a loss of 24 billion Lira ( $ 16 million ) in the old twelvemonth to a net net income 5.4 billion Lira ( $ 3.5 million ) . Gross saless for the financial twelvemonth 1996/1997 are expected to be 180 billion Liras ( $ 117 million ) . Armani is said to be interested in spread outing his ain production capablenesss. For that intent, Armani is expected either to switch the production of his chief lines from GFT to Simint or Antinea or he might take over stock from GFT, who are expected to do such an offer in order to maintain their most profitable client.

In late 1996, Armani announced that from now on vesture under the Armani Jeans-label will mind to tight environmental criterions, presenting a scope of vesture points which will be made out of hemp.

Among the Armani accoutrements, the eye-wear aggregation appears to bask uninterrupted success. The Armani spectacless are produced since 1988 by the Italian interior decorator eye-wear specializer Luxottica and entirely sold in eye-wear forte shops and Armani dress shops.


Armani wants to spread out the figure of his shops significantly. Most visibly, he opened up two immense flagship shops in New York City on Madision Avenue, one for the top line and one for Emporio Armani. Armani apparently pursues the constitution of a lifestyle trade name “ Armani ” . This motion is reflected in the assorted efforts to offer a broad assortment of merchandises under the Armani-label. Such as the in 1996 introduced Armani Neve winter athletic wear line, the Armani Golf sportswear line ( both produced antecedently by Skinea and now by Simint ) , and the debut of custom-made espousal gowns, as portion of the Borgonuovo-21 line. Besides, Classico, a new epicurean and dearly-won line for work forces and adult females will be introduced. Here, Armani wants to offer modern readings of authoritative designs. In add-on, Armani sells a broad scope of place accoutrements under the Emporio Armani-label. In 1997, the first Armani Jeans shop in Rome, Italy besides included an Armani book store, selling publications about assorted artistic topics, like manner and picture taking.

The company licenses its name for aroma, tickers, and accoutrements, but dress still accounts for more than half of grosss. Armani ‘s retail imperium spans more than 35 states and includes about 280 shops. Armani owns Simint, the Italian holder of the Armani denims licence, and is traveling the production of other lines in-house. Armani has programs to develop a series of luxury hotels and resorts. Despite relentless floatation flirtings, the interior decorator maintains ownership of his company.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Armani was the first interior decorator to censor theoretical accounts with a organic structure mass index ( BMI ) under 18, after theoretical account Ana Carolina Reston starved herself to decease due to anorexia nervosa.

The Armani PrivAA© spring/summer 2007 manner show was broadcast via MSN and Cingular cellular phones.

After LG teamed with Prada to present the LG Prada phone, Samsung joined Armani to plan the Giorgio Armani phone.

Armani designed made-to-measure suits for Christian Bale ‘s character Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight. Ads having “ Giorgio Armani for Bruce Wayne ” were released in 2008 with images of Christian Bale have oning Armani suits. However, Bale subsequently claimed in a GQ interview that the run was produced without his permission.

Other concerns

Armani opened his first eating house in the U.S. , Armani/Ristorante. The eating house opened in New York in February 2009 and has been rated by the Zagat Survey. [ 9 ]

Giorgio Armani besides designed a furnished with a particular trappings aggregation from Armani/Casa. The hotel will be named as Armani Hotel and is located in Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel is due to open 4th of January, 2010. Giorgio himself designed the floors and it is said to be one of its sort. For more information about the hotel, visit this website hypertext transfer protocol: //

After all this, the interior decorator of this nature is characterized by a really particular chevrons top chapeaus and colourss, where you can happen out designs Armani at first sight

Therefore, the thought of a to the full funded Armani shows the name of prosperity, advancement and pulling both clients and fans of Armani

This thought is a specializer for illustration when we want to be normal by Mall country wider and more options in our control any conditions or limitations

The design of Mall Armani is a particular subject in interior design so it is more hard and more complex than others, for illustration such as planing the Mall does non follow the name or any manner or limitations

Is the being of such a promenade is the decision of the successes of Armani and the completion of its footings of mention varied about a covered everything. So that I feel has been designed to pattern a auto and called the auto Armani.

I designed a Mall Armani, Armani nature and fingerprint, but the manner I design. Design has begun to take a normal constituent at Mall of five beds and you modify the external visual aspect of the promenade and add some parts and modify external interfaces to commensurate with the nature of Armani. I have to give the promenade an external bed of cast concrete

Tocopherol: cam8 multi shootings hhh.tifE: cam8 multi shootings 3.tif

To give the character of modernness in design, and because the colour of the article belongs to the household of colourss about Armani. Building signifier and besides after the amendment has become about contains the spirit of Armani, has besides added some ruddy lines on the edifice from the exterior, because this gives a more aesthetic and gives the feeling of verve.

I took three beds of this edifice because the country of each floor is really big. He was required to plan a specific country, doing the land floor and you ‘ve designed to be a baronial entryway of the promenade commensurate with the name Armani. And besides took the 3rd floor and you ‘ve designed to be an exhibition of apparels designed by Armani and made by a company Armani. Finally took the 4th floor and I designed this floor to be a eating house bearing the logo of Armani and complement a series of such luxury and upscale eating houses.

1 – Land Floor:

This is the floor of the chief entryway of the promenade, and besides is a anteroom of the promenade, and has developed in this multi-activity hall commensurate with His Excellency the promenade and its value. When you enter the chief door of the promenade notice Armani logo in the face of the visitant, I have designed the logo to be a chef-d’oeuvre. Where I am you remove the logo from the land on a angle and angle particular to confront this slogan every individual who enters the promenade. And because there is a hole in the center of heavenly Mall, which reach all the floors with each other, anyone looking from the other floors to the land floor he felt the Armani logo as if it had been printed in the land

Degree centigrades: Documents and SettingsPc.4DesktopNew Folder2w13.jpg

In add-on to this logo and set a sculpture of the creative person Michelangelo, who is one of the greatest creative persons of Italy in ancient times, which is one of the laminitiss of art and design? This sculpture is the statue of Davi

Degree centigrades: Documents and SettingsPc.4DesktopNew Folder2w14.jpg

David is a chef-d’oeuvre of Renaissance sculpture sculpted by Michelangelo from 1501 to 1504. The 5.17 metre ( 17AA foot ) marble statue portrays the Biblical King David in the nude. Unlike old word pictures of David which portray the hero after his triumph over Goliath, Michelangelo chose to stand for David before the battle contemplating the conflict yet to come. It came to typify the defence of civil autonomies embodied in the Florentine Republic, an independent metropolis province threatened on all sides by more powerful rival provinces and by the hegemony of the Medici themselves. This reading was besides encouraged by the original scene of the sculpture outside the Palazzo della Signoria, the place of civic authorities in Florence. The accomplished sculpture was unveiled on 8 September 1504.


The history of the statue of David precedes Michelangelo ‘s work on it from 1501 to 1504. Prior to Michelangelo ‘s engagement, the Overseers of the people of Office of Works of the Duomo ( Operai ) , comprised largely of members of the influential woollen fabric club, the Arte della Lana, had programs to committee a series of 12 big Old Testament sculptures for the buttresses of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Until so merely two had been created independently by Donatello and his helper, Agostino di Duccio. Eager to go on their undertaking, in 1464 they once more contracted Agostino to make a sculpture of David. He merely got every bit far as get downing to determine the legs, pess and the figure, roughing out some curtain and likely force outing a hole between the legs. His association with the undertaking ceased, for grounds unknown, with the decease of his maestro Donatello in 1466, and Antonio Rossellino was commissioned to take up where Agostino had left off.

Rossellino ‘s contract was terminated, shortly thenceforth, and the block of marble originally from a prey in Carrara, a town in the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany, remained neglected for 25 old ages, all the piece exposed to the elements in the pace of the cathedral workshop. The rain and air current weathered it down to a smaller size than was originally planned. This was of great concern to the Operai governments, as such a big piece of marble was both dearly-won, and represented a big sum of labour and trouble in its transit to Florence. In 1500, an stock list of the cathedral workshops described the piece as “ a certain figure of marble called David, severely blocked out and supine. ” A twelvemonth subsequently, paperss showed that the Operai were determined to happen an creative person who could take this big piece of marble and turn it into a finished work of art. They ordered the block of rock, which they called The Giant, “ raised on its pess ” so that a maestro experienced in this sort of work might analyze it and show an sentiment. Though Leonardo district attorney Vinci and others were consulted, it was immature Michelangelo, merely 26 old ages old, who convinced the Operai that he deserved the committee. On August 16, 1501, Michelangelo was given the official contract to set about this disputing new undertaking. He began carving the statue early in the forenoon on Monday, September 13, a month after he was awarded the contract. He would work on the monolithic biblical hero for 3 old ages.

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