Fashion design Essay

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Fashion design

Human beings are always relational in nature and they therefore device ways through which their thoughts, ideas, feelings and imaginations can be expressed. Art is the greatest and easiest way for a person to express themselves. Art can be developed in a person to a point where one obtains handiness and becomes a master in the art (Jones 2007). Fashion design Fashion, a branch under fine arts, is among those categories of art that are built up more for visual purposes than for actual utilization.

Fashion design mainly entails creating designs for attire and other fashion accessories that will enhance the visual effect of the same (Jones 2007). A fashion designer, while enhancing aesthetics of any piece, actually represents the expression of certain ways of life and times (Elrding 2003). Upon getting an opportunity to have a master’s degree in fashion, I would focus my study to textile adornment, graphic design and in trend designing. In order to effectively design relevant trends of clothing, I would have to incorporate a course in trend analysis.

This would require me to study the social implications of trends and the mental and emotional effect of trends (Elrding 2003). The main research topic I would propose to write my final thesis on would concern the correlation between fashion design and self image. This study would be adequately done using a comprehensively prepared research design. References Elrding, L. (2003). The Art of Expression through Fashion Feng Shui. Wyoming: Grandy Publishers. Jones, J. (2007). Fashion Design: The Art of Style. Minnes

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