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Essay on Fashion

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Fashion Marketing of Louis Vuitton at Chinese Market

Last but not least, it will be better for LV to implement the form of decentralization, which will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of LV's operation in China. As for entry strategy and modes, with wholly owned subsidiary, LV should cautiously select its targeted locations in China. Apart from the first-tier cities, second-tier cities where there is considerably strong purchasing power and...

Zara As A Born-Global Company

This theory deals with the relationship between the differing cultures in which a company deals with and is important in the understanding of the effects that the marco-environment have on the marketing mix. The key to Zara’s acceleration into foreign markets lies in competing in niche markets, which are flexible and move fast (Rennie, 1993) and is successful due to its knowledge gathering and s...

Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander McQueen's collections for Givenchy have included golden eagles embroidered by Lesage, rose petals pressed into sheer organdie, pure gold material woven for a bolero jacket, feathers painstakingly layered like a bird's wing onto a cat suit and other unique weird styles. He has managed to continue to design in his funky, youthful modern manner at his own house of McQueen while also produci...

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Dressing For College

If you feel insecure, give your self time and take deep breath to boost yourself against the new challenges, feeling free is the main thing you need to prepare for the great first impression on the first day of college. Remember no one come to help you, in college you alone have to help yourself, so be prepared. Be social and try to discuss with others about different matters, there is nothing to ...

Hairstyles of the 90’s Analysis

This was the time when being different was more than ready to commence. Many people view hairstyles as an important as the clothing you wear. In this case while your trying to match and look cute with clothing, a hairstyle is made to match with your body and personality. Both situations can be very time consuming. Hairstyles can be very debatable and hard to understand, especially for my females. ...

Kenzo Brand

1. Kenzo used be a unique brand, but recently changed their scope, and in many countries they are becoming a major brand. In other words, not many people prefer Kenzo's style. However, Kenzo is willing to maintain its originality, which will challenge them in adjusting trends of a global market. If they want to convey their uniqueness to their customers, I think they should come up with a customiz...

Outline H&M's product strategy

Any of these are possibly opportunities or threats for H&M and none of it will be a small task in itself for the company as it makes its voyage across the ocean. The U.S. financial decline is certain to suppress H&M's numbers for the immediate future, although, as a discount chain, it should progress better than many, as well as its competitors. In reality, reduction in spending practices ...

"Red" by Ted Hughes

In the fourth paragraph, it tells readers how Ted finds his wife's clothing and sensual lips which spells blood and rawness. 'A swathe of blood' that envelopes or enfolds a hidden blood (line 1). In line 2 to 4, the way Slyvia revelled the lavish, generous red burgundy gives an imaginary picture of she was painting the town in red too. Once again, he feels the blood shimmer from the gash (line 7)....

Classic Knitwear

They had made a research with an online survey they send one thousand e-mail invitations to the people from the website Consumer.com to answer the survey and they got one hundred and eighty five respondents. And based on the results 60% of the respondents who indicated they would definitely try the product, would do so within the two-year introduction period. Also the company predicted that at lea...

Strategic capabilities of H&M

In current situation H&M online shopping delivery is very slow. Customer review suggest that its delivery is not made in time. After they set a partnership with FedEx. Its delivery time will be quick and can deliver item within 5 working days after items is being ordered. Company have to change its distributor to satisfy the customer demand for quick delivery and its complexity of company stru...

Holt Renfrew Company Review

Holt Renfrew has faced several issues regarding their stock keeping unit. This has led to stock outs, delivery inconsistences and lack of space in the current warehouse due to bad record keeping. However, from the recommendation given above, this issue will be resolved but not completely, giving the warehouse enough room to store their inventory. Once the mezzanine has been installed, the next act...

Nundies Сase Study

Let audience know what is it and how to use it instead of just displaying in the store. As for stores, sales tips should be provide to retailers. And the display should avoid merging in with other merchandise products and become more attention getting. Train sales personnel to be informative and to be more proactive to suggesting and demonstrating Nundies to customers. Pamphlets and samples should...

Fact Finding: Instyle Magazine

This is who we are. We are realistic. We aim at making fashion real. Fashion is not a dream because we help you get your dream style by providing you the locations of every piece in each picture. Fashion is not a dream because we help you get your dream style by offering you tips about what you should buy to get a certain style you want. Fashion is not a dream because we help you get your dream st...

Calvin Richard Klein

It has distributed nearly $200,000 to charities including the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in New York. He has also donated $2 million to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. This is the largest gift received to date from an FIT alumnus. Calvin Klein, Inc. now owned by Philip Van Heusen matched this donation by donating $1 million to FIT. The funds will support the college’...

Coco Chanel's Career in Fashion Industry

She never married which was extremely rare of women at her time. When asked why she did not marry the Duke of Westminster she responded “There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel. ” Chanel rose from poverty to create her fashion empire. She showed that women could be influential outside of the home. She changed the way people viewed the world that they were all...

Comme des Garcons

It is important for a brand to be easily recognizable so that the customers will develop a brand loyalty. As to Comme des Garcons line I do not think it is successful because of the lack of something to remember it by, but the Play brand is more affluent. Usually the heart is red with white eyes, this gives a feeling of personality. They use it on their shirts, shoes and perfume, sometimes even in...

Vera Wang

Studying historic fashion may also identify what was going on in the world at the time a specific garment was worn. Different needs throughout the generations can also be identified through the types of fashions that are displayed. I also observed that, like in history, Vera Wang builds on previous ideas from other designers. Throughout the study of historic costume it is sound to say that many of...

Gothic Lolita Fashion and Style

Gothic Lolita style is also reflected in various manga and anime works, for example Paradise Kiss, Rozen Maiden, Princess Princess, Tsukiyomi - Moon Phase, xxxHolic, and many others works of Kaori Yuki, who is very talented mangaka. In this manga works characters are very often drawn in very beautiful dresses and this has an influence on real fans. They are making their own clothes similar to famo...

Coco Chanel - Most Prominent Fashion Designer

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that Coco Chanel was a very influential fashion designer. She had changed the traditional view on women’s wear and she had changed the women’s philosophy in regard to the wear. She was one of the first designers who made women think of themselves above all, instead of thinking of their men when they choose the clothes. A...

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