Fascist Government Essay

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Fascist Government

Fascist government is better compared to a communism government in that it seeks the reality of the society on strength and weaknesses of nations.  Historically, fascist governments opposed the class conflicts and emphasized that they would forever exist.

Though fascists have been used pejoratively in the present setting, it is clear that communism was worse in history as it advocated for classless and stateless society that declared allegiance to the Marxism-Leninism a notion that was impossible to apply.  It is no doubt that communism orientation of social organization where totalitarians dominated and above all, the self perpetuating political party system was the major cause for excessive anarchy like that experienced under the soviet rule.


This paper explores fascist government as the better option to communism with greater focus on the historical events.  Through use of questions and answers, the paper explores the principles and theoretical considerations of the two systems of government.  It compares the major occurrences under the two systems of the government to support the thesis statements.  With reference to the period of application, the paper gives a clear analysis of the logistics behind the fascists’ governments as opposed to the communist administration.

Questions and answers

What are the principles of communism and how effectively did communism governments apply them?
Communism government is guided by the main principle of a society that is egalitarian and classless mainly based on common ownership and control of the production means. The principles call for a stateless society with a form of government that declares allegiance to Marxism-Leninism.  Application of communism has and is always controversial in that the well outlined principles form a reciprocating platform for abuse by the same governments.

Remarkably, it is communism that has made USSR to be remembered for its ruthlessness when dealing with the community.  In 1928, Joseph Stalin application of communism which he claimed to be directly under his predecessor Lenin innovation, were borne of mayhem and anarchy.  It was marred with extra judicial killings, spying and elimination of the political opponents (Lauren, 173-177).

As indicated by fascism, it was important to acknowledge the need for the classes in the society as they were the ones that bore them.  Fascist governments therefore applied the correct principles of the time that were bound on the desire to grow and expand beyond their boundaries.  Though application of the survival for the fittest in the human realms was a major shenanigan, fascism has been credited for creating nationalism and enhancing identity.  Sir Osward Mosley, the leader of British Union of Fascists emphasized that communism was a major cause of suppression for democracy it claimed to advocate (Daniels, 38-45).

What were the consequences of communism and abolishing private property ownership to ensure equality?
Communism was mainly directed at seeking communal ownership of the production systems in the society.  Under this system however, the government was given a better operating platform to practice massive corruption to the people.  Though the concept was initially well thought of, its application mostly presented the reciprocal a notion that made the whole system to become a failure.  The death of Karl Marx at end of the 19th century has been cited to be the possible end of real communism.

Historians indicate that fascist governments rose as a response to the events of World War I, a notion that cited the possible fallouts in democracy and liberalism for their favor of individualism or internationalism.  Historically, this concept was faulty and saw the establishments of the fascist governments like in Italy (Furet and Furet, 178-188).

How effective was the system and what were the repercussions?
Application of communism was a bloody notion that had far much reaching implication even to the current society.  During the World War II, the communists consolidated power through massive blood shed in most of the Eastern Europe.  In Russia, the struggle by many countries to get independence never bore fruits until the international community intervened later in the 20th century.  Though communist governments claimed to be borne by the people themselves, it is however ironical that most of the third world colonies that adopted the communist ideals like Cambodia, Lao, and Angola are still among the poorest in the world.

Though fascist government promoted the growth of their empire beyond their own territories, they supported the nationalism and were mainly driven by charismatic leaders.  This gave the notion of the great capacity of the fascism governments to rationally reason out their application policies.  Nakano Seigo of Japan noted that fascist governments had the capacity to practice democracy than did communist governments (Furet &Furet Deborah, 186-190).

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