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Far From the Maddening Crowd Essay

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Bathsheba Everdene is the main character in the book “Far From The Madding Crowd. ” She is central to nearly every situation and is held in high regard by the village people. She has her ups and downs in the book, her highs and her lows, finding love and happiness, only for it to be torn away from her and handed back to her in the not too distant future! Bathsheba begins the book in a cold hearted way, first refusing to marry Gabriel Oak and then playing with the feelings of farmer Boldwood, this coming back to haunt her further in the book.

She reluctantly sent Boldwood a Valentines card aided by her maid Liddy’s persuasion, declaring her love for him, and seemingly to her surprise, poor Boldwood takes it very seriously resulting in a cat and mouse game of love. In chapter 24 at the fir plantation, Bathsheba was heading home when she bumped into a dark stranger and became tangled up in his boots.

She tried to wriggle free but to no avail. After a lot of fiddling by the stranger, he freed Bathsheba and rose face to face. Bathsheba asked him “Who are you then, who can so well afford to despise opinion? ” The stranger replied “No stranger. Sergeant Troy”.

Bathsheba was evidently spooked by Troy; little knowing he’d be her future husband. Bathsheba met up with Troy on several occasions and subsequently fell in love with him. They agreed to marry whilst on a visit to Bath and returned to Casterbrige to Boldwood’s and Oak’s despair as Mr. and Mrs. Troy. When Boldwood discovered the news, he was erratic in his actions. He offered to buy Bathsheba from Troy and eventually after torment from Troy, he murdered him in front of the whole of the village at a Christmas party. He then proceeded to kill himself with the same gun and in the same spot where Troy died.

Bathsheba was deeply upset about the death of her husband despite the fact he declared he did not return her feelings after the death of his previous fianci?? , Fanny Robbin. Eventually our widow married Farmer Oak whom she clearly was in love with from the first time they met. Bathsheba’s toying with Oak, Troy and especially Boldwood could be seen as a reason for her not to find happiness in the book, but despite her unkind joke with Boldwood, Bathsheba didn’t set out to hurt anyone and was caught up in a battle for her love between these men.

After the death of Fanny Robbin, it was evident that Troy was still in love with this woman, despite her failing to show for their wedding. He blamed all his misfortune on his wife, Bathsheba and he bullied her into feeling that she was to blame. The death of Troy was a blessing in disguise as she would have been sad for all her days and would not have ended up married to Oak. All in all, I feel that Bathsheba deserved to be happy, as she was an honest, hard working woman who was independent and capable. I think she was genuinely sorry for the Valentines card to Boldwood.

She finally does find happiness in Oak and realises his companionship and true love is what she has wanted all her life. I think Gabriel Oak certainly was the right man for her as, like his name suggests, he was angelic, solid and dependable. This was evident when he stays by her, and by his actions on the night of the storm when he and Bathsheba worked together to cover the crops. It is evident they are in love when they cast eyes upon each other and fail to remove them for a few seconds, showing mutual unspoken understanding and purpose.

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