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If the work is plagiarism-free, why can I not submit it?

The papers we display are all plagiarism-free, meaning they have no matched content in them. We always take care to reference or paraphrase accurately all the information we use. However, if you submit a paper taken from our website as your own, you plagiarize it from our website.

Plagiarism occurs when you steal the writings or ideas of another author and submit them as your own, without mentioning the source from where you got them. This can have extremely negative consequences for students, as from the universities’ point of view, it violates academic integrity. The results vary from a student simply failing their task, having to take a module or even the course over again, to getting expelled from their university. The risk of plagiarizing is too serious. Besides this, when you plagiarize, you don’t do your own research, don’t develop knowledge, and may fail later in your studies or professional career.


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