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Can I send through information once my order has been started?

It is strongly recommended to send all the information before the writer starts working on your task, as any additional information might not be taken into consideration.

The reason is that any new information submitted when the order is being processed might change the assignment completely, and the writer will have to rewrite the text. To avoid this situation, we encourage you to provide all the important information to the writer before they proceed in writing your task. On the other hand, some writers will gladly accept some extra information from you when they have started writing.

The difference is in the fact that new information may either clarify the task for the writer and help them to write, or change the assignment, which means the writer will have to do extra work. However, we always send any extra information to the writer working on the task to estimate it. If they decide to be guided by it, this may require more time to complete, and additional work might cost you extra money.

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