Fantasy Football: Persuasive Essay

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Fantasy Football is one of my favorite hobbies and I think you will enjoy it to. I’ve been playing Fantasy Football for the last 7 years and I enjoy it more every year. The main reasons I love playing Fantasy Football are that it gets me to watch and enjoy games I usually wouldn’t watch, it makes games more exciting, and it’s a great way to bring friends together.

In Fantasy Football you draft a team of players from any team in the National Football League.

Since you will have a Fantasy team of players spread across many teams, you now have a vested interest in watching games that you usually would not watch. I have watched a multitude of games over the years that would not have really interested me if I did not have one of my fantasy players in the game. You may even have a player on a team you usually do not like to see win, but Fantasy Football can change your allegiance quickly!

In Fantasy Football the players on your team score points by accumulating yardage, scoring touchdowns, kicking field goals, creating turnovers, etc.

The can make a typically boring game that is being dominated by one team more exciting. The players on your fantasy team can still score points for you even when their team is being beaten handily. When a game may seem all but over, you may still be cheering on one of your players to run for just a few more yards or score one more touchdown.

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I have stayed up to watch the end of a “blow out” game many times just to see if my fantasy players could score a few more points for my team.

Fantasy Football is fun by itself, but it is even more fun when you have a league with several of your good friends, co-workers, and or family members. Many leagues have draft parties to select their teams. Everyone will gather at someone’s house or local establishment to eat, drink, and select their fantasy team. These parties can be a lot of fun and it always fun to do a little “smack talking” about each other’s teams. Throughout the year you will face off with these same friends in weekly fantasy games. If your team prevails you will have some bragging rights over your friends.

If you already enjoy football or would like to learn more about football, Fantasy Football can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. Fantasy Football

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Fantasy Football: Persuasive Essay
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