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Fantasy football

Football Sunday, the family has got a bucket of hot wings and beer, sitting in front of the TV waiting for the kick off. It’s Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers and I have got my Champ Bailey jersey on while my husband is wearing his Tomlinson 21. We are ready for the game to start, but suddenly my husband changes the channel to check on the Cincinnati vs. Tampa bay game, so he can check on his fantasy football quarterback. Meanwhile I’m on the internet checking on my fantasy football defense, the Pittsburg Steelers.

I find myself wondering why we just don’t sit down and watch our favorite NFL teams anymore. Before we joined our fantasy football league, the only games I would sit and watch were the Denver Broncos, because they are my home team. I know the players and when and where they are playing. As for the rest of the NFL teams, I didn’t know anything until I got caught up in the fantasy football excitement. With the newly founded popularity of fantasy football, the old ways of football are obsolete, now there is more interest in individual players than teams, more knowledge of the game, and better media coverage.

Fantasy Football is game where participants, also known as “owners”, draft a team of real-life NFL players and then score points based on how those players perform in real-life games. The game was originated back in 1962 and is now a big business industry due to the Internet (Wikipedia, 2006). Fantasy football is the most popular fantasy sport in the United States. “The Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s 2005 numbers show that more than 6 percent of adults (more than 13 million) play fantasy sports games, including more than 10 million in fantasy football” (Griffith, 2005, Fantasy Exceeds, 6).

Fantasy football starts with a commissioner, who is responsible for defining and enforcing the leagues rules. A league is typically made up of 8 to 12 players “teams”. A draft is held at the beginning of the season. There are many types of drafting styles; the most common one is where all teams start with an empty roster. The commissioner will designate a draft date and time, usually lasting from two to four hours. The first person to draft in round one will then become the last person on the second round. After the draft is complete, the team will acquire anywhere from 10- 15 players.

The average roster has one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker, one defense team, and a few back up positions. The players that were not drafted by any teams then become free agents, which can be picked up later in the season by adding and dropping members from a team. Also there is the ability to trade players within a league. Changing players may need to be accomplished in the event a player gets injured or is not performing adequately. Players earn points for passing, rushing, receiving yards, and touchdowns; negative points for fumbles and interceptions.

Scoring the highest amount of points in the league usually indicates the winner of the game. Fantasy football is becoming a wide spread game with millions of people getting involved. Players are spending anywhere from two to three more hours watching NFL TV on Sunday, visit website that host leagues and stay longer on the site then average (WWW. boston. com, 2006). It brings a new view point on how the sport of football is being played. Fantasy football deals with players from all different teams, and the media of course wants to take advantage of this growing opportunity for profit.

In 2005, Anne Riley-Kats stated “DirecTV has expanded its football offerings to include a “Super Fan” package that allows viewers to watch up to eight games on the same screen and a “Red Zone” channel that catalogs significant moments in each game, like an interception or a 70-yard touchdown drive” (Fantasy football kicks off, 4). Things like Direct TV’s Super Fan package will be beneficial to a fantasy football player who has three different games to watch, all being aired at the same time. Sportsline has a league that plays for money called “Gridiron Guru League.

” This particular league’s players are made up of 14 celebrities from CBS announcers, Jim Nanta, Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason, Bonnie Bernstein, Dan Marino, Gus Johnson, Randy Cross, Brent Jones, Steve Tasker, Steve Cohen, Tommy Tighe, and Clark Judge (WWW. boston. com, 2006). This is now taking the form of celeberty fantasy football, the endless possablilities for the media to partake in this fantasy world. Sports Center is trying to lanch a new talk show specifically dealing with fantasy football updates, player stats, and so forth.

Already ESPN Boston radio has a Wednesday night fantasy show with Mike Antonellis and Bob Halloran. “On the newstands, publications about fantasy outnumbered the traditional previews about the upcoming season” (Wendel, 2004, How Fantasy games, 11). The internet has a wealth of information which allows fantasy players unlimited football information. Players are notorious multitaskers; who watch the game on TV, follow their league on their PCs, all while chatting or talking with other league members. From managing leagues to checking stats on players, the internet is broadening elements to fantasy sports.

The internet is providing speedy services to help fantasy football members get information on their players. Aaron Gray 2006 stated: The “StatTracker” on Yahoo. com is very cool but it also makes me nauseous. Esoteric statistics, different colors and numbers endlessly flashing all over the screen. For only 10 bucks, you can get up-to-the-second updates on your fantasy team. Almost instantaneously, you can find out which placekicker just threw a touchdown or that some self-loathing tight end just had another temper tantrum on the sideline. (Fantasy Football: An interactive NFL fantasy, 5).

Now many sites on the internet are offering free leagues to play fantasy football, they use upgrades like “StatTracker” to make profit. ESPN has stopped charging players this year and the network has said that it’s doubled its number of fantasy football players (WWW. boston. com, 2006). With the number of people using the internet today at work or at home, the chance to come across advertisements for fantasy football has doubled. People are even playing fantasy football on work computers. The internet has become a sanctuary for fantasy football members, with many different places and sources to gather information.

In September of 2006, Catherine Holahan stated that: Fantasy football fans are flooding the Net, lured by blogs, message boards, and a host of other social-networking capabilities that let people research, build teams, and debate topics from who’s the best running back to which fantasy player has the best strategy, Ambrosius says. In July alone, Yahoo Fantasy Sports drew 3. 1 million users, compared to 952,000 at ESPN’s fantasy site and 929,000 who used Sportsline’s fantasy site, says comScore Media Metrix. (Fantasy Football 2. 0, 5) Fantasy football is allowing new ways for the internet to contribute information.

It offers users to share ideas and thoughts about fantasy sports. With the amount of users signing in to fantasy football sites, there is opportunity for more online growth. The popularity for fantasy sports is so great that now advertisements for fanatsy football are exploding in magazines, news papers, radio anouncments, internet sites and television commersals. Television stations are flooded with fantasy football advertisements . “Fantasy has gone mainstream,” said Clay Walker, senior vice presedent of Players Inc. , the licensing arm of the NFL Players Association. “Advertising has embraced it.

There’s more than a chance that major advertisers are considering spending its entire August and September advertising campaign around fantasy football. ” (Griffith, 2005, Fantasy exceeds, 5) Advertising companys are expanding their market to get involved with the big hipe of fanatsy football. Sportsline’s, Steve Snyder states that the only reason ESPN has free fantasy football leagues is because Goodyear is sponsoring and underwriting the costs (WWW. boston. com, 2006). By increasing advertisement on fantasy football, more people are becoming informed with NFL players and the vast amount of details involved with playing.

With some advertisements being strictly player statistics, people unknowingly are increasing their knowledge of NFL football. Fantasy football has also enetered the world of cell phone technology. Now ESPN and Sprint, two cellular providers, are offering applications that provide stats, highlights, and alerts when fantasy players score points. They also have features that allow updates to be made from your cellular phone to your team roster, fees vary for each cellular provider (Meltzer, 2006, Thomson Gale database). With all sports, there is a risk or opportunity for gambling.

Same goes for fantasy football. Now with this new game people have another route to gamble. The NFL has shunned anything even remotely related to gambling. Brian Rolapp said that the gambling association is one of the reasons that NFL. com waited to start fantasy football until 2000 (WWW. boston. com, 2006). “It’s not gambling. It’s a matter of skill as opposed to chance. If you play fantasy football, you’ve got to follow the rosters, know how your opponents’ defense does against your quarterback, and stay up on the injury wire. Doing well is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

It’s also why we [NFL. com] don’t have any games for chance. We think of it as a game of skill. ” (Griffith, 2005, Fantasy Exceeds, 20) Weather or not its gambling, fantasy football is bringing different way to make money through betting. By offering a new sense of chance with money it allows a different perspective to the fantasy game which changes how some many view football. With the growth of fantasy football and the new involvement in how it’s being played, many more females are becoming fantasy football players, with numbers constantly increasing.

“Compete says the percentage of men has dropped to about 70% as more women have gotten into the game, increasing participation overall” (Holanhan, 2006, Fantasy Football 2. 0, 8). This increase has taken place due to the change in the way football is being view. No longer a man’s hobby, now it’s a game of skill and research which connects with more women. Fantasy football is opening new entrance way of getting involved with football. Watching football once needed little to no research or in depth knowledge on the entire NFL. It involved cheering for one team, hoping that team would make it to the Super Bowl.

Usually people would pick a home team or a family tradition team, like the Denver Broncos for me. Growing up with family from Denver, Colorado, it was to be accepted that I would become a die hard Bronco fan. The involvement with fantasy football and being a home team fan can cause some discomfort and hardship. You may have to root against your favorite due to a fantasy football conflict. A fantasy football defense may need to play against a home team, and then who do you root for? Fantasy football is changing how we watch our favorite teams.

It’s changing the way we enjoy the sport and how we get involved with football. In conclusion, there are many different changes that have come about to the game of football, from the expansion of media coverage to the basic interest in the game. People are becoming more knowledgeable about the sports full structure and are constantly updating their knowledge of player’s stats, performance, and injury’s. The common NFL team fan, knowing only a favorite team’s players and standings, is becoming obsolete. With the expansion of advertisements, people are bombarded with the idea of fantasy football.

Even those who don’t play fantasy football are increasing their knowledge due to the media’s coverage on individual players and fantasy stats during live NFL games. From men to women, the way football is viewed has changed with the amount of knowledge on NFL players. Football is not a sport on just favorite teams, now it’s a sport dealing with all NFL players and how each player is performing. With the changing media coverage and advertising gear more for the fantasy player, the new opportunities for gamblers, increased women’s participation, and the basic growing interest with fantasy football, its easy to see how the game has changed.

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