Famous Women and their Contribution to Egypt Essay

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Famous Women and their Contribution to Egypt

Shagrat al-Durr took upon herself the title of Sultan and regrouped the Egyptian army to take Damietta back from the Frankish Crusaders. She become the center of power as the leader of Mamluks During this new period, that of the Mamluks, Cairo was to become the center of power. The Mamluks kept their power for more than two centuries in Egypt and Syria. Shagrat al-Durr is one of the very few women in Islamic history to ascend to the throne. Her sensational life to show the information that a striving woman had to depend on the good will of men to be able to lead.

Shagrat has been a good leader using her experience at administration and leadership. That is why Mamluks have succeeded leading Egypt and Syria for tow centuries. Tiye She is the married to Ramesses III (c. 1194-1163 B. C. ) and called the queen of the 20th century. She was involved in the harem plot, which sought to assassinate the king and place her son on the throne of Egypt, and was mentioned in the Juridical papyrus of Turin. The plot against the king was discobered, and the queen and the other members of the cabal were tried in a royal court.

Nothing is known of the fate of Queen Tiye in the affair. She is a worshipper of Aten. And for those who believed believe the basic elements of the story of Moses from the Old Testament, as Queen Tiye’s influence may have helped give birth to Judaism, Christianity and Islam Nifertiti She was s the Great Royal Wife (or chief consort/wife) of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV and mother-in-law of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. She is considered to Cleopatra as the famous Queen of Egypt.

Because of her feminine beauty you can see that she had greatly influenced the standard in the art of photography for the 20th century, not only in Egypt but also around the world. Cleopatra When you think of the phrase queen of Egypt. She will be the first one that will enter your mind. For many she is a not only one of the most beautiful queen and seductress that ever lived in the history of men. Little did other people know that Cleopatra was an educated in the sciences, and no doubt encouraged scientists and discussed their findings and thoughts with them.

She would have been an equal among them, not because of her social standing, but because of her intelligence and education Furthermore. She is brilliant early mathematician, chemist and philosopher who wrote science books and met weekly with a team of scientific experts, according to a forthcoming book (Viegas, 2004).


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