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Scientist David Suzuki

Framing is what they call it. Framing is where a news media puts the shareholders first. If a corporation invests in a news media, the media shapes the information being shared and how we see topics/issues. So, I didn’t get to see the corporation’s influences, since they didn’t want the public to see them. Framing is a popular topic in Brad’s class. The media frames issues all over the pl...

Lester Bowles Pearson

The Auto Pact helped settled those tensions and made Canada and the US a lot closer, which strengthened their countries as well. Canada could now rely on the US, and the US could do them same with them. Lester B. Pearson’s action in creating the Auto Pact helped to build prosperity in Canada, which created a stronger, more wealthy economy. Lester B. Pearson’s efforts and accomplishments as Pr...

Bob Dylan's Individuality and Social Commentary

His childhood during the time period he lived in influenced his writing greatly through watching major historical event occur such as the Civil Rights Movement, World War Two, the Vietnam War and the assassination of President Kennedy. A famous song, Blowin in the Wind talks about society’s inability to change their views, and can be translated to be an antiwar anthem or a Civil Rights commentar...

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Middle Class Black Burden

The last Rhetorical strategy McClain uses to depict her burden was Logical Appeal. All three were used for the reader to understand why she feel she's torn between two worlds. In her essay McClain mostly uses ethos and pathos to explain her burden. Being an african american journalist in chicago, made her appeal as a figure that people would consider. However, judgements from blacks made her feel ...

Overview of Ned Kelly as Famous Person

I think he was hero but it's up to you to choose what you think. Make sure you read all the facts before you judge him. Just like the saying don't judge a book by its cover! It is not true that Ned Kelly only killed in self-defence. He was a cold-blooded killer who willingly murdered policemen and others who betrayed him (this is hardly self-defence). He most certainly planned to murder most of th...

Pericles' Funeral Speech Presentation Analysis

It is no accident that the Pericles’ Funeral Oration inspires many similar type speeches today. His speech puts meaning to what we are fighting wars for and helps to honor those who bravely died. Such a strong sense of camaraderie is created with this speech, which is a little more of what we could use today. The people of our nation need to be grateful that they are even a part of a country tha...

Inventors and their Scientific Inventions

Adams Sons and Company was formed in 1876 by the glass merchant Thomas Adams (1818-1905) and his two sons. As a result of experiments in a warehouse of Front Street, Adams made chewing gum that had chicle as an ingredient, large quantities of which had been made available to him by General Antonio de Santa Anna of Mexico, who was in exile in Staten Island and at whose instigation Adams had tried t...

An Idol and Role Model P Ramlee

They got married in November 1961 in Tembeling Road, Singapore. Nevertheless, this third marriage was considered an ideal match because they were so right and suitable for each other, even in their duets. Moreover, P.Ramlee had gave many contribution to this country. Even after his death, we celebrate and appreciate his effort, and his achievement. For sure, P.Ramlee really deserved to be an idol ...

Our Leader Swami Vivekananda

So at last I would like to conclude my speech withinthe means of a short message. Vivekananda once said that if there comes a day inb yyyyyyour life without obstacles then we must be sure that we are in a wrong path . A glourious day has no value without the view of a starry night. So, today’s youth Don’t break up at the first sight of the obstacles or difficulties of life..rather uphold your ...

Freedom Fighter Sarojini Naidu

During her stay in England, Sarojini met Dr. Govindarajulu Naidu, a non-Brahmin and a doctor by profession, and fell in love with him. After finishing her studies at the age of 19, she got married to him during the time when inter-caste marriages were not allowed. Her father approved of the marriage and her marriage was a very happy one.[3] The couple had five children. Jayasurya, Padmaja, Randhee...

Kenzo Brand

1. Kenzo used be a unique brand, but recently changed their scope, and in many countries they are becoming a major brand. In other words, not many people prefer Kenzo's style. However, Kenzo is willing to maintain its originality, which will challenge them in adjusting trends of a global market. If they want to convey their uniqueness to their customers, I think they should come up with a customiz...

Review of Tyler Perry as Famous Person

Emmitt Perry Jr. otherwise known as Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 13, 1969. When Tyler was young he was molested by several adults. Also Perry went through several acts of physical abuse by his father because his only answer to everything was to “bet it out of you.” When he turned 16 he changed his first name to Tyler to put some distant between himself and his fa...

Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech

Oprah conveys to her audience to learn that life is more than just making money. You have to earn it and making money has to have meaning. If you do not have meaning in making your money and making a difference to the world then money doesn’t matter. Oprah shows much inspiration in her speech that should make the audience aspire to be like her or even more. Overall, Oprah did a great job caterin...

Controversional Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is almost as controversial a figure today as he was 136 years ago. His actions were the result of the benefit for the majority and the preservation of the Union. Emancipating the slaves was just an added extra for saving the Union. He had no interest in freeing the slaves. He clearly states that if he were elected he would attempt to abolish slavery. The south was defeated, slavery...

“Burro Genius” by Victor Villaseñor

Furthermore, readers are forced to reflect how words are able to affects psychological development of a person. It is known that ruler- striking teachers don’t exist in the country, although author assumes that racism exists, though its forms had been changed: “Now teachers are more concerned with how to separate students so that they don’t taint the school’s test scoring system”. (Villa...

Pygmalion vs. My Fair Lady

I enjoyed the musical more than the play because I feel like the musical went into a lot more depth of Eliza's transformation. The songs and the actors in My Fair Lady really brought the story to life. For me, Rex Harrison's portrayal of Professor Higgins was absolutely perfect; he was able to show more sides of Professor Higgins' psyche than you could experience by reading the play. Pygmalion is ...

An Influential Person Dorothy Day

All in all, the conversion of Dorothy Day into catholic is much surprising since is not easy for a prominent person like her in the social party at that time and even a famous journalist and reporter to leave her job and turn to serve the lord. Due to her faith and influence in the community, especially fighting for human right and helping the poor, Day earned much recognition all around the world...

Trial of Orenthal James Simpson

After the trial O.J. proclaimed that he would devote his life to finding the true killer of Nicole Brown Simpson. This was quickly taken over by a civil case filed against O.J in Santa Monica. This case had a very different tone than the murder trial and came with a very different result. After seventeen hours of deliberation, the jury found that O.J Simpson had wrongfully caused the death of Nico...

Outside Bill Gates' Speech Presentation

When Bill Gates stood on the stage, all the people stood and began to clap. When Bill Gates used humor to deliver his points, audiences would laugh or clap. When Bill Gates was talking, the audience would be silence. It showed that the speech was interesting and meaningful that they would like to listen. Also, they showed the respect to the people who were the richest one in the world. After I wat...

Mexican Culture in Poetry of Pat Mora

Her poems are about her own experiences or about the experiences of other Mexican Americans. The poem’s “Elena”, “Sonrisas”, and “Fences” all give you incite of how the Mexican culture clashes with American customs. Mora shows you the battle that a mother has to keep up with her children, the conflictions and understanding of living two different lives and still keeping your cultural...

Lucas de Groot, an Influential Person in Type Design

De Groot later on founded his own type foundry, LucasFonts, in 2000 due to his successes with creating so many successful font families. Its aim, in a few words: to make the world a better place by designing typefaces that look good and work well under any circumstances and in many languages. Graphic designers across the planet have discovered the special qualities of Luc(as)’ fonts. They are at...

Famous Persons in Public Relations

It is from the above discussion that this paper concludes by supporting the thesis statement, ‘over the years, key figures in public relations have contributed to its shaping through intrinsic criticism, major additions and re-evaluation that has seen latter applications being highly effective in creating cohesion and ultimate higher productivity and sustainability in the society.’ It came out...

Marlee Matlin

“I look at these situations not as challenges, but as opportunities to show how proud I am of my rich culture -- deaf culture. Actually, I like the new way of looking at Deaf culture. It's called Deafhood. It's the idea that deafness has a positive value rather than as something that needs to be cured or is challenging. It's all about making noise and standing up for who we are. Being deaf means...

Eminem’s Life

His fans are crazy for him, this built him a relationship with others because although the years that he has wasted and the tears that he has tasted nothing can take it from him. People have begun to love him for whom he is. This life situation was unpredictable because no one ever expected for Eminem to turn out the way he has, he went through such a bad stage as a child that he lost hope in ever...

Biography of Charles Manson

Some people claim that the trials were biased based on the fact that Manson and his followers chose to live a “hippie” lifestyle which included the use of a number of drugs as well as free sex amongst each other. There was also a statement that president Nixon made claiming that Charles Manson was guilty whether it was directly or indirectly. Nixon claimed that he said this in order to critic...

La Malinche and Doña Marina

After the conquest she married a captain from Cortes’s army named, Juan Jaramillo, and went to lived in an estate in Mexico were she bore a daughter by the name of Doña Maria. Her people considered her a traitor and called her, La Malinche, which means treachery. Doña Marina was considered a great sophisticated lady by the Spaniards and Native American tribes. She earned the respect of all Cor...

Salvador Dali

With some artists, death is only a ratification of decay: it releases them from the humiliations of their late careers. So it was with Salvador Dali, who when he died at the age of 84 was perhaps the archetype of that 20th century phenomenon, "the embarrassing Genius." He was the first modern artist to exploit fully the mechanism of publicity. He appropriated the idea of the artist as demonic obse...

Adolf Spiess - Famous Person

In May 1848 Spiess accepted an offer from Minister von Gagern of Hesse, and moved to Darmstadt, the capital of the Grand Duchy, to undertake the task of introducing gymnastics into the schools of that state, beginning with the higher schools and the common schools of such communities as were prepared to take the step at once. He was also to train the requisite teaching force, and afterwards superi...

Shakira as Influential Person

In November 2010, after performing as the opening act of the MTV European Music Awards, the Colombian singer also received the MTV Free Your Mind award for her continuing dedication to improve access to education for all children around the world. Even in recent years, Shakira is still being recognized for her hard work. On October 5, 2011, US President Barack Obama announced that Shakira was appo...

Madeleine Albright a Famous Person

But apart from her educational attainment and in-depth knowledge in international affairs, the life and experiences of Madeleine Albright suggests that every endeavour in life can be achieved if perspective does and mental discipline is not applied. No matter how educated and well-learned a person is, if he or she does not apply the virtues necessary top successfully achieve a goal, all the attemp...

Gautam Singhania Indian Businessman

In 2001, Mr. Gautam Hari Singhania introduced the concept of corporatisation of designer wear in India. He was also instrumental in Raymond’s acquisition of ColorPlus, a leading menswear brand. Today, the Raymond group is vertically and horizontally integrated to provide customers total textile solutions. Few companies globally have such a diverse product range of nearly 20,000 varieties of wors...

Abu ‘Ali al-Husayn ibn Sina

His influence in medieval Europe spread through the translations of his works first undertaken in Spain. In the Islamic world, his impact was immediate and led to what Michot has called “la pandemie avicennienne. ” When al-Ghazali led the theological attack upon the heresies of the philosophers, he singled out Avicenna, and a generation later when the Shahrastani gave an account of the doctrin...

Calvin Richard Klein

It has distributed nearly $200,000 to charities including the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center in New York. He has also donated $2 million to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. This is the largest gift received to date from an FIT alumnus. Calvin Klein, Inc. now owned by Philip Van Heusen matched this donation by donating $1 million to FIT. The funds will support the college’...

Queen Latifah: CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast

In coclusion, the advertisement affectively uses logos, ethos, and pathos to convince viewers to buy covergirl products that are fadeproof, waterproof and ignore proof. Logos is used to show why the viewers should trust covergirl products. Ethos convinces the viewers to buy covergirl product by using a wellknown actress and model names queen latifah to advertise their product. Pathos shows how the...

Jerzy Grotowski

Being a theater director, a theoretician, an educator, and a creator of acting methods is a great achievement. His ideas are very interesting and insightful. Most of his methods and philosophies are truly helpful to an actor. His thoughts on the actor-spectator interaction were the most fascinating to me. I had never thought of theater in that way before; therefore, he opened my eyes in learning n...

Judy Garland

Originating from vaudeville style, this singing sensation turned to a great Hollywood star provided much encouragement to many aspiring entertainers and brought so much amusement and inspiration to fans and followers. Judy became a legendary through struggling countless obstacles in terms of emotional, psychological and physical. She still gave total performance in every show inspire of feeling di...

The Renaissance: Erasmus and Church

Midmore contends that Erasmus sought peace and unity if necessary by compromise, and he also promoted the corporate rather than the individual renewal of the church. Conclusion The debate on what Erasmus did or did not do will undoubtedly rage on for a long time to come. However form what I have gathered in this research, it is clear that he left an indelible mark in the history of the church. He ...

Biography of Georg Simon Ohm

It is interesting that Ohm presents his theory as one of contiguous action, a theory which opposed the concept of action at a distance. Ohm believed that the communication of electricity occurred between "contiguous particles" which is the term Ohm himself used. The paper is concerned with this idea, and in particular with illustrating the differences in this scientific approach of Ohm's and the a...

A Famous Person - Shokan Ualikhanov

Shokan Valikhanov left a great scientific heritage. His work'' Ablai'','' Kazakh lineage'','' Islam in the desert'','' Traces of shamanism among the Kazakhs,'''' About Kazakhs migrations'' and others formed the basis of in-depth study of the history and ethnography of the Kazakh people. With his creativity Shokan Valikhanov made an enormous contribution to the study of a number of Central Asian na...

Jose Rizal and Alexandre Dumas

They need to be removed in order for us to see the truth, the right direction and the most eternal way. And we can do this through reading and acquiring wisdom and knowledge. Our lives are driven by our own beliefs and those beliefs brought us to where we are right now whether those beliefs are right or wrong. As much as Rizal freed his countrymen from Spanish tyranny through using his exemplary c...

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