Family Essay Topics

Step By Wicked Step by Anne Fine

The setting for the story Step by Wicked Step is one dark stormy night when five schoolchildren on a school trip stayed in a towering mansion. They found secret tower room that was hidden behind a wall. The lights in the mansion were not working and they has to depend on the streaks of lightning… View Article


Every time we have a family gathering in our house, informal debates are always part of the “program”. My family and I are delighted to involve talking about current issues especially that concerns the humanity’s welfare morals. It will start from simple talks and later become a big debate amongst our family members. It sounds… View Article

My Father, the Person I Admire the Most

I admire a lot of people people but the person i admire the most is my mother .She is the most important person in my life.There is no reason for me to live without her by my side. My mom is a doctor. She loved to help other because she says it was her dream… View Article

The Lottery Analysis

1. Early in the story, the boys stuff their pockets with stones, foreshadowing the attack in the story’s conclusion. What other examples of foreshadowing can you identify? Another foreshadow examples identified in the story is when Mr. Summers brought the black box in, everybody distance themselves from the stool, and even as he seeks help,… View Article

Family Health Assesment

The Family discussed in this paper has two children and both parents have been married for seventeen years. The paternal and maternal grandmothers are alive, while both paternal and maternal grandfathers have died of heart disease. The maternal grandmother lives with the family. The family assessed was interviewed two times and both times, the interview… View Article

Impact of Mother-Son Relationship

In the advent of single-parenthood within the nation and along with the controversial emergence of the reproductive health bill as a major feature of the year 2008, an attempt to look into the increasing concern on the population increase serves as the starting point for this study. The researches felt the need to conduct further… View Article

Stay at Home vs Working Mothers

I have been fortunate enough to experience being both a stay at home mom and a work away from home mom. Currently there is a societal debate on which approach raises a healthier and better adjusted child. On that I cannot comment as I have not yet raised a child to adulthood, but having my… View Article

An Analysis of Antwone Fisher

Abstract Antwone Fisher is a story about a young man and his life as he grows from an abandoned child to a young petty officer in the Navy. But the crux of the story centers on his reactions to all of the negative events of his life. It is based a true story and has… View Article

Family Reunion

Have you ever been to or prepared a family reunion? It’s a great time for fun, food fellowship, reminiscing and also a big supplier for T-shirts. Many family celebrations are celebrated different from the way they’re celebrated on television. I attended my first family reunion when I was twelve years old, it was no ordinary… View Article

My Brother Goes to Court

The story is set in a city in the Philippines. The young narrator begins by describing his large family. Though they are poor they are full of mischief and laughter. The children are all strong and healthy even though they often go hungry. In contrast, their rich neighbor’s children are thin and sickly although they… View Article

Generation Gap

How many times have you felt that your parents don’t understand you, that they have no respect for you as an individual? How often do you shake your head in frustration and blame it on the ‘generation gap’? Parents! They are like aliens from another planet altogether! You and they are in different camps; strangers… View Article

The family units

Indeed the family unit is under pressure in today’s world. The family units can strategically set limits and have communication by consistently listening to the children’s woes and guiding them accordingly. Most things go wrong in the family because of the apparent hectic lives of the parents thus leaving their children in the hands of… View Article

Change in Family Relationships and Values

Family has many different meanings to it but it seems as though we all want the same ideal family. The ideas of the “perfect” family come from old advertisements and television programs; they all have the same characteristics as one another. Everyone wants to live like families that lived in older times, but in reality… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

Do you struggle to find equilibrium between excelling at work and spending productive, quality time with loved ones at home? With the technology that is available in the twenty first century, it is now possible for educated professionals to decide whether they would like to work from home and collaborate with family members to meet… View Article