Family Essay Topics

It Is Better to Be the Eldest Child Than the Youngest One in the Family

“Mr. Chairman, honorable judges, misguided members of the opposition, and members of the floor: Good day to all. “Standing here today on this breezy morning as the third speaker for the proposition, I wish to continue where my team-mates left off to correct the misleading information presented by the opposition. “For instance, the second member… View Article

An American Family

Critics predicted that “[b]y the end of the mid-century, the American family will no longer exist as we know it”—a line that holds true on the current situation of the country. The image of an American family is as fluid as fashion. This connotation is evident with the number of juvenile delinquents, divorce hearings and… View Article

John Gotti: The Teflon Don

“There was nothing that my father loved more than being a gangster. Not money, not even us. He felt that anybody that really lived this life like he did, at the end of the day you have to die or go to jail.” – John Gotti Jr. Who is John Gotti? Depending upon who you… View Article

Like Water for Chocolate: A Summary

Revolutions throughout time have established change of traditions as the normal occurrence throughout our history. Revolutions in households ca also occur when traditions that are contrary to one’s desire interfere with the values of another. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate, a revolution develops between mother and daughter, Mama Elena and Tita. It is… View Article

Stolen Generation

The forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Islander children was forcefully taken away from their families between the 1890’s and the 1969. The children were given to churches, missionary institutes and some children were given to white families. Most of the children never saw their families again; more than 100,000 children were removed from their… View Article

Modern Family

Family is an essential part of every person’s life and of our society. Family is a little world with its own values and priorities. Close families share dreams, ideas, hopes and even possessions, and it’s a good side of being a family. However, as usual, every good thing can have its drawbacks. Same with families:… View Article

The Effect of Family Problem

Lets take a divorce as an example. This always affect students. I’ve seen the initial withdrawal, uncertainty and depression, but if the parents are in mutual agreement when it comes to their child then the child is able to cope better. In terms of performance in school, usually there is a drop in grades as… View Article

Beyond Rivalry

During childhood, sisters and brothers are a major part of each other’s lives, for better or for worse. As adults they may drift apart as they become involved in their own careers, marriages and families. But in later life, with retirement, an empty nest, and parents and sometimes spouses gone, brothers and sisters often turn… View Article

Welding with Children Motif/Symbol

“He just stared at me, and I saw that he had no idea of what late was. Glendine, his mama, probably lets him fall asleep in front of the set every night. I pictured him crumpled up on that smelly shag rug she keeps in front of the TV to catch the spills and crumbs”… View Article

Who Do I Admire

Most of the people have somebody who they admire, that person can be a writer, an artist, a politician, some kind of public figure, a celebrity or even a friend. But that person who I admire is somebody very close to me, that person is my father. My father is not a great scientific, politician,… View Article

Character Sketch

“Our siblings’ push buttons that cast us in roles we felt sure we had let go of long ago: the baby, the peacekeeper, the caretaker, the avoider.” This quote by Jane Merksy Leder describes my six foot two inches, oldest brother, Brad. Growing up in a household with six children, Brad, being the oldest, has… View Article

Change in the Nuclear Family

Everyone on the planet has a family, but not everyone sees eye to eye about what constitutes as a “real” family. Since WWII, the structure of the American family has been constantly changing. The “normal” American family is known as the nuclear family, with a mother, father, son, daughter, and occasionally, a pet. But as… View Article

The Color Purple Monologue

You’re nothing but a piece oh shit on the bottom of my shoe, thats whats wrong. I’m leaving with Shug and getting away from you. Your’e a dirty rat and your dead body is just the welcome I need to leave you. You might have been a half way decent man if your father raised… View Article

Variations of the Word Family

Today, people in society share many variations of the word family. Anthropologists describe this as “a social group of two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption who live and reside together for an extended period, sharing economic resources and caring for the young” (Scupin 137). More specifically, the word family is narrowed… View Article

The Most Influential Person in My Life

The most influential person in my life has been my grandpa, my abuelo. He just turned 88 years old and no one believes it. He looks and acts so much younger than his years. My grandpa was born in Ecuador in 1922. He has seen many changes and adapted to all of them with ease…. View Article

The Perfect Picture

In “A Perfect Picture” some choices are made unclear to the situation of the death of the granddaughter. James Alexander Thom, a reporter, who tries to get a “perfect news picture” when the grandfather is turned around. The most difficult choice thom had to do was whether to take the picture or walk away. The… View Article

The Asian Family

The Asian family has a strong bond and this provides for growth and opportunity within the family, and also when they reach adulthood. There are many Asian culture associations that provide an extended family for many Asian Americans. The business world of the Asian American is strongly linked to family. The Asian family run business… View Article

Michael’s Reflective Paper

* Who am I? What life experiences made me who I am today? Was it my family, my social environment where I went to school, the groups, or organizations that I belonged to, or was it certain life events that shaped me? * This paper is my attempt to show that my family and social… View Article

Comparison of Heterosexual-Parents and Homosexual-Parents

Most people have an automatic belief that a child who is raised by heterosexual-parents is better off than a child who is raised by homosexual-parents. The belief held by most people may make the task seem more socially acceptable. However, there is no law against it, nor is it written in stone that a child… View Article

The Day My Life Fell Apart

Thousands of miles away in Maine there I was distant from my family, and my friends. I had realized I’d been overwhelmed with so much stuff in my life well with school and working two part-time jobs that I had neglected speaking with my family. That’s when I got a call from my brother, explaining… View Article

Stay-At-Home Parents versus Working Parents

Do you have children? Do you wonder if it would be best for you, your kids and your family if one parent stayed home with the children? Who is the best candidate, the mom or the dad? There are actually mixed emotions about this topic and the answer is not an easy one. Parents have… View Article

Effect of Family History on Workplace Behavior

Family is the very first environment that one person dwells with. This is where we are originated and as the tradition goes with the flow of fast changing society, still, the thought of conjugal connection is still imply nowadays. In any job interview, we are being called with our family name, thus, we always recognize… View Article

Native American Paper

In the pre-Columbian era when the Europeans had not yet discovered the “New World” there lived many distinct but also similar tribes that ruled all across. Many tribes existed during this era of prosperity for the Native Americans. A few of the main tribes of it are the Cherokee, Iroquois, Navajo, and Sioux who were… View Article

Native American Heritage

I have re-read this book in a relatively new edition. It is a mixture of Kiowa myths, family stories, history sketches, and personal experiences. For me it evokes a sense of community unknown in modern U. S. society. It also conveys, however dimly to the modern scientific mind, a deep sense of a peoples’ experience… View Article

Time to Celebrate and Enjoy the Surrounding of Your Family

A family celebration is a time to celebrate and enjoy the surrounding of your family, enjoying everyone you love and miss. Having a family celebration is filled with pictures and wonderful memories that you will never forget or even want to forget. We will and have had celebrations that will pass on to other family… View Article

The Change in Family Roles in British Society

Family structure and family roles within British society have changed dramatically over the years. This essay will explain the changes in the roles and relationships within the family in the last century. The arrival of the industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism can be seen as the main factor which led to the change… View Article

Nuclear Family: Pros and Cons

This is known as a family which contains two parents and one child the nuclear family creates a stable environment so children raised in this family with the same parents during their growing years have a higher likelihood of having stability in their relationship and emotional bonding. Also this family provides a sense of consistency… View Article

Cinderella – Family Therapy

Cinderella’s case conceptualized using a Bowenian transgenerational model According to Bowen, one of the pioneers of family therapy, family can be understood as an emotional unit, which can be best analyzed through a multigenerational framework. Cinderella’s story, which was told by many professional storytellers, including brothers Grimm (19 century) and Charles Perrault (17 century), as… View Article

The Importance of Fatherhood

Throughout history fatherhood has evolved from the hunter gather, to the Pre-Industrial, to the Industrial, to the modern 21st century (Burgess). Through each era the role of a father involved him to simply provide for his family, which meant going away and not spend time with them. Even in the 21st century fathers are required… View Article