Family Essay Topics

Identify the cohort group

I belong to the Cohort group called the Boomers. I am a loving mother of two kids, who wants to see and wishes my children to graduate from college. I am not just a full time student, but also a full time employee for a school system. I am a real diligent student who wants… View Article

Irish Dancing: A Celtic Family Passion

Every family has some wonderful tradition that they share with each other and the rest of their kindred spirits. Our family holds Irish dancing as our most beloved musical tradition, and we share it amongst ourselves along with those in the world around us. Individuals who have viewed Michael Flatley’s, Riverdance or The Lord of… View Article

The Japanese Imperial Family

The Japanese Imperial Family is the oldest monarchy in the world, having been established way back in the sixth century. Its longevity had baffled many, having survived feudal wars, despotic shoguns, totalitarianism and a crushing defeat during the Second World War. With this, it is important to examine the connection of the Imperial Family to… View Article

Infant Observation

It is 8:30am when Dj wakes up, as he is waking up he is rolling around in his waking up he is rolling around in his mother’s bed stretching and babbling, a mixture of mama and dada with a high pitch scream as loud as he can, his mother says hey sleepy head good morning,… View Article

Intercultural Communications

My stepmother was born in Masan, the countryside of Korea, to a family of four daughters. My step-grandfather was a hard working man. He had a small taxi and truck business. My mother’s youth was during the recovering of the war. My mom has told me stories about growing up. She rarely got nice things… View Article

Life Changing Moment

Ever since I can remember I spent almost ever y day at my Grandparents house. They live right down the road from my family and me, and that is how they got the title “Grandma and Grandpa down the road”. They lived in a small house three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small living room… View Article

The ‘Old Willis Place’ by Mary Downing Hahn

The ‘Old Willis Place’ by Mary Downing Hahn is about two siblings who lived in a far away woods. The two children, Diana and Georgie Eldrige are excited about a new caretaker of the old Willis place since this mansion is already abandoned for years. They believe that the mansion is hunted by its owner,… View Article

My Eldest Cousin

Many people admire singers, movie stars, who make so much money that they could do everything they want and are famous. However, they don’t even know the person or their personality whom they admire. To me, admiration is a kind of respect. But there aren’t a lot of people who deserve this sort of respect… View Article

Out of the Dust

In the novel, Out of the dust, Billie Joe experiences conflict with herself, her environment, and others. Additionally, she has great conflicts with her dad. They secretly blame each other wanting the other to know they accidently killed the mom. Billie Joe also has to deal with the dust. The dust kills families and destroys… View Article

Working Abroad: the Joys and Challenges

Five parents share the advantages and disadvantages that comes with making the difficult decision of earning a living for the family by working abroad. Overseas employment has drastically changed the set-up of the Filipino family and the entire society over the decades. The pros and the cons are in a constant see-saw as to which… View Article

The Role Of Family Revision

A family is a western term used to denote a domestic group of people linked together through descent from a common ancestor, marriage or adoption. There are three forms of families one is a motional family which consists of a mother and a children. They can be biological offspring to adopted children .The second form… View Article

Family as portrayed in mass media

Through the years, the role played by media generated socially relevant and noteworthy impacts to society. Because of exposes and investigative reports, several high-profiled and ranking individuals or personalities were forced to exit the limelight. The scandals and controversies that they went through were simply too much to bear. Whether such situations were intentional or… View Article

How Infidelity Affects the Marriage and Family?

A liaison, sexual or in any aspect, outside of a marital relationship is an immoral effort and excuse to improve something. Others may say that not all people, who are having or had an extra-marital affair, are regarded as bad and despiteful. These people are generally and oftentimes are in pain, bewildered and lonesome. However,… View Article

Living in Families

How does the average person view the common family? In the picture of “a happy family” on commercials, conflict and hatred are replaced with sweetness and adoration – qualities that are apparent on the family members’ smiling faces. Pure happy days are simply not realistic. In real life, families have good reason to frown occasionally,… View Article

Generation Gap Paper

Refer to the “General requirements for all papers” found in your syllabus. Submit a 2-3 page short essay discussing Generation Gaps. How is your generation different from your grandparents? What personal changes do you see? Name cohort changes. Do you agree with age grading? (Pg 83) How do they apply to you and to your… View Article