Family structure Essay

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Family structure

Marriage and divorce statistics show that the Australian people can safe  there family and stay long together, according to the statistics which were currently done on marriage, they show that the people who are married they are still staying together and taking care of there families while the divorce rate is at a very lower rate.

The family formation in Australia is complex but it is defined as two people or more people related by blood, marriage. In Australia the family is either composed of couples with or without co-resident of any age, lone parents with co-resident children and other families’ member such as brothers’ sisters living together where by no parent –child exists.

Research  has also shown that the number of families that are living in Australia are residents of Australia, and the number of children without there families is very minimal, research has also shown that adoption rate is very high in Australia. Due to the different culture in Australia women and men are the essential elements in life, they understand the importance of a family and understand the structure of a family the culture proposes on the importance of a family to the Australian people and how a man and a woman should be treated in the basis of a family.

A man and a woman bring up a family and with this understanding there is need of a man and a woman to play a vital role in the society, therefore there relationship should be valued, in Australia gender relationships are not strict and there are no cultures that support any strict issue on gender relationships.

The Arabian have an extended type of a family where by each person is regarded as a basic unit of the society. Therefore this influence of the extended family has an impact on the social and political life in Saudi Arabia. Within this type of a family there is the respect for age, gender roles of men as provider’s and women playing a role in the house hold issues A woman life in Saudi Arabia (2008).

The family decisions are always made by the father who is the head of the family although any person who is a member of the family has to give opinions but not in the making of the decisions. Socially this type of family came as a result of the way they live, the Saudi Arabia people socialize among themselves, they marry and they do there business together Marriages and divorces, Australia. (2009). Traditions have supported this type of family structure that is through the strong background of Islamic rules economic and political ideas.

Gender in Saudi Arabia is very strict for most of the families and has some cultural habit. The way they figure out the gender role some traditional cultures are very supportive on them for example the role of women in Saudi Arabia are regarded as not obligatory in that certain task are limited to them, they are not supposed to be seen in making decision in fact they should look upon the manhood for the decision making, they cannot be leaders in anyway this is because the inherited culture on women has subjected them up to today to remain dominant Holmes (2008).

In Saudi Arabia only men are supposed to vote no woman who is supposed to vote on any political leader, therefore politics have been dominated by the manhood not the women. In Saudi Arabia education has been referred mainly to men, research has shown that the number of people who are educated in Saudi Arabia are men, they have negative impact on educating a woman whereby there traditions define that a woman is supposed to remain and take good care of the house hold wile the man needs to go and work, therefore education is very important to a man not a woman Faith and Freedom (1995)


The family structure in Saudi Arabia is different from the family structure in Australia. Saudi Arabia people have been driven by there inherited traditions and culture as well as there beliefs on the way of a family, the role played by each member of the family is still remains unchanged. Alsabt. M. (2006) According to the Australian structure of family it has evolved from its traditions to the modernity way of a family.


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