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Cultural Characteristics of India
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With more than half of the workforce being in agriculture, services however, is the biggest contributing factor the economic growth in India. The information technology (IT) sector is where most of the growth is taking place. Many companies in the United States are beginning to outsource their help desk and programming specialties to India where the labor is cheaper and there are an abundance of qualified individuals. In-fact many of the positions you see in IT are filled by people…...
Anthropology Final
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What is anthropology? The exploration of human diversity across time and space The main goal of cultural anthroplogy is to... Understand why people behave and think the way they do What are the four subfields of American anthropology? -Biological anthroplogy -Linguistic anthropology -Cultural anthropology -Archaeology Anthropologists who use anthropological data, perspectives, theory and methods to identify, assess, and solve contemporary problems are doing Applied Anthropology Cultural anthropologists carry out their fieldwork... In all kinds of societies True or false :…...
Rome vs. Han China Comparative Essay Ap World
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Similarities between Rome and Han China included gender roles, method of economical production, and architecture. Differences included family structure, class structure, and religious practice. The gender roles within both Rome and Han China were similar. For example, both civilizations were patriarchal. The male was placed in charge because he was the closest to his ancestors, maintained the well-being of the household, and made sure to continue the family’s sense of honor. A difference between Rome and Han China included the…...
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