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Unit of society
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It is said that the family is the most basic unit of society. Interaction, therefore, is obviously an integral element in this setup given that a family, as a microcosm of society, is made up of individuals having different characters and personalities. However, it is also because of this specificity of this group that it is subject to a different standard when it comes to the kind and level of interaction going on within it. Familial relations are always sensitive…...
Symbolic Interactionism
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There are several sociological perspectives including functionalism, conflict, social exchange, and sociological imagination. The one that will be talked about within this paper is called symbolic interaction. Symbolic interaction does not focus on social structure like other sociological perspectives do, symbolic interaction is based on small, mostly person to person ideas and perspectives on what symbols mean between people in cultures, what interaction is like, and how interaction between people can impact or reflect upon society as a whole. (Gingrich)…...
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