Family history Essay

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Family history

English 12 Oct, 02 2013 Cuiyu.He Mr.Wong My Father My father is one responsibility person. My grandmother has four children, my father is the oldest one, and he has two brothers and one sister. They were very poor in their childhood, my father only finished middle school, and then he needs go get a job for his brothers and sister to pay for the school. When my father was teenager, he can do a lot of things such as farming, selling the crops and take care of the family. My Father was born in 1963, has experienced the Cultural Revolution of the 60 s and seventy s life, he has also experienced the Cultural Revolution after the era of reform and opening up in the eighty s and ninety s life and well-off life in the 21st century. I always hear my father say, I was born at right time; when I was born I can have anything. Before China carried out reform and open policy, my father was not enough twenty year old.

The whole country was poor at that time, Even the common people to raise a few chickens and sold eggs have a little more money can’t buy buy clothes, include my father’s family. My father remember as he was a child, every sew a new clothes must wait for Chinese New Year, and sewed particularly big, wear in the body doesn’t fit, sewing plan have to grow up when he was three years old can wear, if the fit, the body grow up a year, the clothes will not grow up. Every clothes were wear by brother and yonger brother and then sister in turns. anyway, the youngest children basic can’t wear new clothes, can only wear take down the old clothes, and often the old clothes on pile of patch.

When my father was a kid, listen to my grandmother said: “in order to save money, grandmother just buy 1 cent or 2 cents vegetables, 9 cents of rice, meat, fish is unthinkable, is eat fish oil are not to burn, only 5 per person per month plan two oil, half jins of flesh, Sometime they do not have enough food for everyone, they were only eat sweet potato evey meal; they do not have any pork to eat, and until they would have a chicken to eat must wait for New grandmother to the balance of the money you gave birth to a child do confined, due to the lack of nutrition, grandmother sometimes faint in the ground, the grandfather’s wages to the 52, 50 RMB, only slightly better family life.

In order to reduce the burden of my grandfather, my father took temporary workers, worked at the porters, stevedore, caster, Turner, he only have 28 to 60 RMB a month. After the reform and opening up to a good period, especially into the 21st century, our lives have improved considerably, my father’s income also has in the past 300 RMB rose to nearly 30000 , my father was building our first home in our hometown. In 1997, my father immigrant to the Untied State, he also working hard every day. My father used his whole life for his family, I love him, and He is always my most respected person in my heart.

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