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Family Health Assessment Tool

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Tell me about your family values concerning health .What values are important to you when it comes to how to promotion health? How have these values influence your lifestyle as family. What are your family nutritional habits? Tell me how many serving of vegetable or fruits you eat per day? What kind of diet do you eat? How many hours a night do you sleep? What do you do for relaxation? Do you take any sleep aid? How are your bowel habits? Do you take any over the count stool softer? Tell me about your bladder habits? What do you do for exercise? What kind of activity do you do with the children? What do you all do for recreation? Has there been a change in your sensory perception? How is your hearing? How is your vision? Are there any body image issue? How much time do you have sex per week? What are your concerns when it comes to sex? Tell me how you cope with stress as a family .

what is some effective way you deal with stress as family.

The Family Health Assessment tool is a vital tool use in the collection of date for family health assessment .This assessment tool which was proposed by Marjorie Gordon in {1987} is call functional health pattern framework. This tool is comprehensive in the collection of date and communication of data among health care providers .This tool assist the health care provider in examining functions and interactions among the patterns to accurately determine and diagnosis actual or potential problems and plan intervention toward outcomes to promote health and well-being.

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{Gordon, 2007}Health Promotion through the life Span 7ED CHAPTER 7 These eleven focus areas proposed by Gordon will be used in this paper to determine collect and analysis data. The eleven are mention above. Each one will be analysis and applied to the family interview. I choose an extended family for this health assessment paper .This paper will detail the task in family assessment and it will be completed with minimal stress to the family. An extended family is defines as a family that goes beyond the immediate family network, like the husband, wife and children.

The extended family includes the uncle and aunts. Sometime extended family even has a family member like the grandparent living with in the household. This assessment began with health perception and the health management in which the family are asked open ended question. This paper will also discussed health problems which will lead to health promotion and prevention with in the family. Strategies will be plane with the family involvement to promote, prevent and maintain health. The extended family is young Hispanic by the name of Falto .The couple has three young children, the older is a boy 9years, the middle child is a 7years boy and the youngest is 4 years old girl. The feather is 37 years old construction worker, works four days a week for 10 hours a day. The mother is 34yeal woman work at local hospital as dietary director, works eight hours a day job, five days a week. The grandmother the father mother live with them in the household and she is 60years.Th two older children attend a secured public school. The grandmother do not work she stayed at home with the four years little girl.

They all live in a safe neighborhood in a four bed room, two and the half bath single family home. The Family says they are finically stable and the children are both doing well in school. They have health insurance through the mother’s job. They verbalize that they are all healthy except that Mrs. Falto develop gestational hypertension when she was pregetant with their daughter who is now four years old. Her blood pressure is well control with Lisinopril 10mg daily and they maintained their health by yearly physical with their primary doctor. The children immunization is up to date .All member of the family are nonsmoker and do not drink any alcohol, they stayed healthy by watching their calories intake and walking at last two times a week at the local park ,while the children paly .Nutritional the family eat three meals a .day and try to eat one meal together daily which is dinner. Eat a regular diet and they closely watch their calories and salt intake.

Males are cook at home three time a week and reheated daily .The children are all healthy, the two older children play baseball at local YMCA two times a week for recreation. All four children growth chart show that they are appropriate for their high and weight. The father is 5 feet and 6 inches and weight 180lbs.H verbalize that their primary care doctor has advised him on weight control. Mrs. Flato is 5 feet 5 inches and is 155 lbs. The grandmother is 4 feet, 9 inches and weight 175 making her over weight for her high. She has been encouraged by the primary care doctor to walk daily for 20 mint four to five days a week. They eat a well balances diet making their bowel pattern regular and normal {Berman et al, 2007}.

The grandmother has developing some hearing problems.She was evaluated and she was fitted for hearing aid. The rest of the family denies any sensory problems. The Flato have friends and other family member that they associate with regular and attended almost every family events. They said they attended a local church once in a while but they are not active members. Both Mr. and Mrs. Flato are in their thirty and they both denied any problem with sex. When asked about stress, they laugh and said everybody has some stress but we fine ways to manage our stress level and time to relax


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