Family friends in Edinburgh Essay

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Family friends in Edinburgh

I have decided to base my project on the bed and Breakfast restaurant owned by family friends in Edinburgh, Scotland. The following is a brief out line of the sub problems I have created for myself: 1. Creation of a logo which identifies and represents the business. 2. A database of customer details. This task will also consist of a form for potential customers wanting to book rooms. 3. A menu – this task will cover both AM and PM food orders – breakfast and dinner. The Marrakech does not provide lunch.

A spreadsheet related to the Bed and Breakfast part of the business. This spreadsheet will include things such as the cost of each individual room. 5. As most customers attend the Marrakech as a family group – which works out cheaper task five will be a plan of a family room the Bed and Breakfast provides. Analysis of Individual Tasks Task 1: Input requirements For the creation of the logo I need to find out what the business would like me to have. To do this I will need to design two different logos for them to choose from.

Output requirements: I have to finally produce at least one effective logo, which identifies the Bed and Breakfast restaurant. This logo must be replicable and bold so that it stands out and can be used in advertising at a later date. For the production of the database I must ensure I enter all the correct customer details into it. For example: Names, addresses and contact phone numbers. For the form letters I just basically need to make sure that all the questions I create are sensible and appropriate to the business’ requirements.

I will also need to see which particular fields are/not needed. Output requirements: I have to finally produce a database for the customer details of those related to the bed and Breakfast. The database should be able to add records and identify double bookings so that I am able to either reject or accept applications for the Marrakech. It would also have been useful to have included a ‘Which Date? ‘ query so that the staff can type in a date to see what it is that is happening then, e. g. is the room booked, vacant etc.

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