Family Doctor Job Description

Regulatory Body in Ontario and/ or Governing/ Accrediting Body

in Ontario. (1) The CPSO is a self-regulating body. However, international medical graduates looking for information on entering practice in Ontario should first contact the HealthForceOntario Access Centre for internationally educated health professionals. (1)

Educational Background

  1. Pre- Med Undergraduate
  2. Medical Degree
  3. Residency, fellowship, and Board certification
  4. Accelerated Programs
  5. Earning Potential

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Job Description

They are masters in medical department and are often trained in providing medicine to the clients.

They have proper knowledge about the vaccination that needs to be given at the time of birth till death. They look after the betterment of the patients and what all treatments need to be given and also creates healthy and safe environment and maintain a good relationship with their client. They also provide better solutions about what all medicine they need to have and treatment they need to go to as they have good knowledge about their past problems and what is their history.

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An example of the professional in the GTHA, or an agency/company where this professional may be applied Family doctors can have their own private place or they might practice in their residential areas. They also may be employed with the Toronto Health sciences corporation and Hamilton Health sciences corporation which includes a variety of hospitals such as Michael hospitals and sick kids research facilities in downtown Toronto and McMaster Children Hospital.

How would a client and/or family access this professionals’ service? They can easily approach them by booking appointments in hospitals and the private sector of the doctors via phone or fax or text messages as per the discretion of the doctor.

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Why would an individual/family access this professional’s service? In case of distress and individual or a family would access this professional service when there are ill or when they have a family problem or emergency about of on to the distress of life, health or mental peace of an individual which may be caused by several factors such as mental or physical factors.

At what stage in the lifespan would an individual/family most likely access their services? There is no age limit to visit or have access to this service since a baby is born till a person is old everyone has access to a family doctor. There is no age limit.

In two paragraphs, describe the role that the professional would play across two environments (e.g., daycare, elementary school, high school, college/university, in-patient, unit, housing, in the community, etc.)

A Family Doctor in Housing

They provide lifelong care to your family. They expertise in diagnosing and then providing treatment regarding any kind of problem. They often deal with the betterment of the patients. They are very understanding in terms of managing the family’s illness and also directing their health system which creates a healthy environment in the family. They often provide health goals to for the family so that they can live a better life.

Family Doctor in Patient

They provide continuous care and treatment to their patients. They also take follow-ups to update their treatment. Also, they build a healthy relationship with their patient to promote positivity and good interactions. They are very committed to their patient’s well-being. They are aware of their strengths and limitations and recognize when their own personal issues interfere with their effective care.

List 3 goals that this professional would work on with a client and/or family. • Basic clinical skills proper historical examination: obtain a patient’s history and physical exam in a logical, organized and thorough manner while adapting to the urgency of the medical situation and the time available.

  • Diagnostic decision-making formulates a differential diagnosis based on the key findings from the history and physical examination.
  • Therapeutic decision-making understands risks, benefits, and compliance issues in choosing a treatment.
  • Communication skills- it is very important to maintain communication skills with the patient in order to under his or her problem in detail.

What barriers might they encounter when working within a multidisciplinary team?

  1. They do not have much informative details about the types of therapies need to be given to the client.
  2. Doctors do not have much information about training processes and the therapies so they might not receive the respect they should get.
  3. They might not have proper knowledge like their team members.
  4. They are at times devalue and miscalculated in a multidisciplinary setup because of their field.
  5. Lack of communication
  6. The difference in opinion and at times there is a major miscommunication.

How could an ABA/Autism therapist best support this professional? e.g. collaborative goals, as team members of a multi-disciplinary team, etc.,) An ABA therapist can best work with the family doctor. A family doctor can help with the proper detail of the historic background of the child and what all vaccination needs to be given to the child at the time of his birth. They can work as a team in order to provide them with good medication at the time of their session.

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Family Doctor Job Description

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