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Family Business Case 5 Vega food Company

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (445 words)
Categories: Bus, Business, Company, Duty, Family, Food, Society
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Household Business
Case 5

The Vega Food business owner Francisco Valle Sr had simply recently died and now the remainder of the family is having problems with the cash, shareholders and exactly what are the siblings duties in the company. Francisco Jr has actually been working there the longest and has one of the most experience working along side his papa in the business. His 4 sisters are now desiring more percentage of the shares in the company. The primary issue is with his young sisters Mari who wants more duty in the household company.

Francisco received a huge CEO income and reward that the sisters didn’t get almost as much as he did. They believed this was unreasonable. This problem seem to hurt the company in sales.

After calling a family conference, a consultant got whatever straightened for what each member of the household had to do and what the shareholders wanted out of the company and what portion of shares they all had.

This problem seem to harm the company in sales. Francisco appears to be the ideal person to take most of the obligations due to the fact that was worked there the longest and knows what to do.

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Mari wanted out of the company for feeling that she wasn’t treated the same way as the rest of the siblings so Francisco bought her shares out. Everyone always thinks that they all deserve the same percentage and same amount of salary at the work place but that just doesn’t happen in real life. If Mari wanted to stay in the company I think they could have given each other a little bit more percentage in the shares but still having Francisco have the highest percentage.

It also never really stated what she did for the company and how she could help the company. She just thought that she deserved more shares. Personally I don’t think that is fair just because your family doesn’t mean you’re entitled to have shares in the company. But in the end I think Mari just had enough and wanted to give her shares up and move on in her life.

After reading what the family did to over come this problem I thought it seem to be the best for both the company and Mari. Now their sales have been going up and the company is growing and doing good with new employees. If they didn’t resolve this problem I think the company would have been destroyed and more feelings would have been hurt in the long run. Also being a good CEO, Francisco saw a problem and decided to do something about it.

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