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Family and Marriage

The process of family and marriage has evolved throughout history regarding how it has impacted the American government and even society. There are so many important facets in life, it involves digging deep to get an understanding of how it has impacted society. My essay will be about marriage and family. In this essay, the reader will gain an understanding of the process of philosophy on marriage and family. What marriage was then and now for marriage and families? It will examine the biblical perspective of marriage and what role the American government has played and how the role of family and marriage has changed due to the political perspective of the American government.

In the process philosophy of marriage and families, back then families were close-knit they lived in groups where men were the leaders and they could have several women which led to many children being born out of wedlock. It was later discovered that there was a need for more stability and city living.

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The first dated marriage between one man and one woman dates back to about 2350 B.C taking place in Mesopotamia. Marriages slowly began to evolve in other ancient countries hundreds of years later, religion was not affiliated with marriages back then. Marriage then was to endure a man whose father’s children were his biological children and his wife was looked at as his property. Women didn’t have much say-so their role was to tend the household and bear children. In many cases in the Hebrew men were allowed to have as many wives as they wanted and if a woman could not give him children, he sent her home and partnered with another woman that could give him children.

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It wasn’t until 1563 when marriages became accepted into Catholic churches as a ceremony before God. When having a marriage in the church before Godmen were taught to respect their wives and that divorce was forbidden. In Christianity, it states the man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman, for she was taken out of man” (Genesis 2:23). This in turn place a lot of stress on men to be faithful to their wives. Many foundings of this country rest on the framework of the Christian foundations many can be found in the U.S. Constitution. President John Adams found the need for religious values was to provide the moral base line for society. Adams felt that religion had importance in society. There was a profound shift call relativism where biblical Christians recognize that what we have lost is not morality, but knowing and doing the truth, which is godliness or righteousness (Martin, 2006, p. Ch.8).

Christian religion incorporated principles for their society, it was also diffuse many influences through their institutions, civil and political views. It was believed that “ what makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens”( Webster,2019 ), because it teaches character it is how you want people to remember you. It is an ongoing debate of what is considered good or bad as a political perspective. So, what makes Christianity good for society, does it mean our freedoms and rights depend on our religious views? Karl Marx was a philosopher of social theory; his theories were about capitalism. He believed in seeking equal rights for all society. Marx believed that there is a constant struggle of politics and religion. Marx’s thoughts on politics and religion were that there is no right turn this is said because religion is a material reality and economic injustice. Marx’s thinking of religion was a more naturalistic view he adhered to three doctrines God, humans, and the environment, which form the basis of his theory of economics. These are directly related to that presuppositional core of Process Philosophy: of Atheism—God is nonexistent, Materialism—“Man is a matter in motion” and Economic Determinism—Class-conscious man is caused by his economic environment. Successive modes of economic structures induce class consciousness, conflict, and class struggle leading to violent revolutions and economic upheaval, resulting in progressive economic change and new economic modes(Ferdon, 2013,p.118). This led to a strong fight for economic change.

The role of marriage and family has changed due to the political perspective of the American government in today’s society families and marriages are face with many more challenges. The family structure has been in constant evolution since its founding. There is no solid meaning of the family unit today. At the time of founding American homes, consist of a family consisted of a husband, wife, biological children and maybe extended family. Divorce was unheard of people who married remain married until their death. Today we are faced with an incline of divorce, single-family homes, some homes with no male figure, and living in poverty. Around the 19th century roles and family, structures began to change due to the government granting specific rights to women. By the 20th century, the government made laws the granted a better well- being for children.

In the 1960s women are given more rights and are allowed to be educated and work outside the home. As in earlier times, women were not to be seen or heard their main purpose was to tend the home and take care of the children. The structure of family and marriage has changed in today’s times. In September of 1996 President Bill Clinton banned the bill of same-sex marriages because a legal marriage union consists of one man and one woman. Then in December of 1996, a state court in Hawaii passed a law recognizing gay and lesbian couples to have the same rights as married couples. It wasn’t until 2015 in California that the legislature passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriages, but not illegal in all fifty states. Families today consist of two males or females as parents, extended families living together to afford living costs, and single-parent households. No matter what issues we face in family and marriage the government will have some say so in how we live. Although Americans are free to make their own choices, laws can affect culture and culture may affect beliefs. The government interferes to ensure adults are responsible in their marriages, that children are properly cared for by families. Many feel that the government has no right to regulate one’s marriage. People feel that marriage has nothing to do with the powers of the federal government, so it has no place in families or marriages.

In closing the other hand, the government will constantly be in the business of marriage and families for several reasons having private relationships open doors for polygamy, incest, there may be an increase of child exploitation, the courts would overwork with divorces, custody battles and other family issues. Many taxpayers will be putting out more funds due to state and federal government is involved with family issues of crime, drugs, teen pregnancy, school issues, and mental health. So, no matter how we look at it the political perspective of the government will always be involved in family matters. The political perspective includes passing laws, mandate specific rules and regulations that will interfere in one’s life so no one will ever live an absolute private life in America.


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