Family and Family Imprints Essay

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Family and Family Imprints

Family plays an important role in the personal as well as professional development of a human being. Since a person spends nearly 12 hours a day in the company of the family members, each and every family member leaves a strong imprint on the mind of the person. A child learns the good and the bad habits from the parents and the siblings.

It is not only the verbal communication that is used as a source of education at home, which creates an imprint on the individual, but also the non-verbal communication adopted by the family members, which influences the mental and physical growth of the individual. Positive attributes like discipline, tolerance, and diligence are often acquired by noticing the father, while the positive traits, such as patience, politeness, and humility are acquired from the mother.

Similarly, the siblings help each other in completing various tasks at home and in helping one another to reach full potential. While living with my family members comprising my father, mother, and a 2-year old younger sister, I have imbibed good qualities that have left imprints on my mind. This paper highlights the imprints left on me by each family member who continues to inspire me even today.


According to the National Institutes of Health (2006), the background of the family leaves a strong imprint on the development of a child, which is significantly higher than the development process of a child in a daycare center. Although the daycare centers enable a child to develop social, learning, and communication skills, the imprints left on the child’s psyche are far greater during the growth phase of the child in the company of family members at home. I can vividly recall my childhood when my father and mother would drop me at the daycare

center while going to their respective offices. Even though they felt the pain of separation while leaving me at the daycare center, they had no other option as they were both working to sustain the needs of our family. In spite of their duties at work, they compensated for the missing parental love by hugging, kissing, playing, and sharing the jokes with one another.

My father has led a disciplined life and motivates me to live a disciplined life as well. He has been a practitioner rather than a preacher because he wakes me up at 5 in the morning and takes me for a brisk morning walk in the park. He has a good physique and is a creative thinker due to his spiritual way of living.

We do exercises to stretch the body and prepare it to work throughout the day. Besides, my father also does breathing exercise during special meditation session, but I have been able to learn this advanced technique only partially. However, I must assert that I have been able to live a healthy life due to the regular routine taught to me by my father. My father has been a kind-hearted man as he always tries to help the needy and even volunteers in the hospital on the weekends.

Since I am mostly preoccupied with my studies, I participate in the community health camps where I donate blood regularly. As a result of my interaction with my father, I have imbibed good problem solving and time management skills, which continue to help me reach my goals. I have self-esteem and a strong will to achieve the desired goals, and these qualities are due to the imprints of my father.

My mother has a good physical and mental health, but she prefers to do the stretching as well as breathing exercises at home only because she has to complete the daily housekeeping jobs also. After completing the housekeeping work and taking shower, she calls all of us for a prayer to the Almighty God. We have a small place in the bedroom where my mother, father, my younger sister, and I worship God through chanting of hymns. It is because of these ten minutes we spend during our prayer in the morning that helps us to work morally and diligently. My

mother has always been patient, cool, tolerant, calm, and generous. I can see the glow on her face due to her faith in God and her persistent efforts to live a satisfied life. Although I am ambitious and want to achieve fame in my life, I have never allowed myself to lose my temper when difficulties pose challenges in my career path. The imprints of my mother continue to inspire me to live morally even though temptations may arise every now and then. I am grateful to my mother for helping me live truthfully and according to the ethics of the profession.

It is said that child is the father of man, and I also support this statement because I learn good values even from my 2-year old younger sister. She is always smiling and radiates her happiness to all of us. My mother, father, and I try to give all the comforts to her. To retain the smile and happiness of my younger sister, I change her nappies and give baby food to her, which is prepared by my mother.

It is the collective responsibility that is demanded by my sister, and I need to confess that we all strive to give the best things of life to her. As an important member of the family, I consider my responsibility to take good care of my sister. I think that I am able to practice my education at school by maintaining hygienic standards of living for my sister in the house. My sister has made me more responsible and attentive. Moreover, I have developed good teamwork skills as my mother, father, and I work together to give good care to my little sister.


My family is a cohesive unit that comprises me, my father, my mother, and my 2-year old younger sister. We have been working as a united group to help each other accomplish the daily work. The imprints of my father, mother, and sister have enabled me to develop personally and professionally as I have imbibed problem solving, time management, creative thinking, and teamwork skills. Besides, my family has helped me to live morally and with self-esteem.


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            Development Than Does Experience In Child Care. Retrieved June 6, 2010, from

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