Family and Delinquency Essay

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Family and Delinquency

How is it developed and how is it Solved? Introduction “Abuse” and “violence” are considered to be terms that are believed to be the understatement of the actual situation that is happening in the society right now. It could be observed that through the years, the number of individuals being victimized by the said dilemma are undeniably increasing making the word “abuse” not just a word but one among the many things that people within the human society fear most. Abuse is the way by which people try to maltreat their fellowmen.

This is regardless of the fact that the people being maltreated are either their friends or their family members as well. It could not be denied that this dreadful situation have affected the sections of human socialization already. The school institutions, the workplace, the churches and now even within homes, the existence of abuse cannot be much controlled anymore. This is primarily the reason why it is very important to take several things regarding this particular issue into consideration for studying.

This would naturally allow a more focused procedure that shall be developed to assist abused victims both young and old, men and women to recover from the situation that they have been involved with when they were abused in the past. It is pretty much appalling to know how a highly established society could be afflicted by the different effects of the abusive acts that are brought about as one of the major disadvantages of the advancements of the society. What are the sources of these major abuses?

Most likely, as psychologists and sociologists point out, people are moved to create possible ways of releasing their tension regarding several experiences through afflicting the security of others. Most of those who are noted as the ones victimizing others have been once victims themselves. On their own way then, they are trying to release the depression and the pain that they are afflicted with through passing on the dreadful situation to others as revenge to those who have once victimized them.

The abusive acts and their effects on the victim do not end on the actual act of abusing alone. The results of the said incidents account for further impact on the personality of the victim primarily pertaining on his or her social interaction with the community that he lives with. Most likely, isolation and the feeling of lesser self-worth eventually develop. It could not be denied that these results are hardly expected by the victims before they were involved with the abuse that they were faced with.

Certainly, it is through the memories of the abuse that the pain tends to remain in complete control of the victim’s major dealings with the society. At some point, the said victims tend to become socially avoiding as they actually fear that the same thing might happen to them again in the hands of other people that they may or may not know. The trust that they used to have on other people before they were victimized eventually fades making it harder for them to recover on the past that they have experienced. The World Reports and What They Pertain to

According to worldwide reports, there are several abusive acts that are taken against the “weak ones” in a daily basis. Depressingly, the numbers of the victims never cease to stop. Even though there is a strong push on the making of the different laws and ordinances that are designed to protect people from being abused on the places that they are living or working in, it is undeniable that there is still a considerable annual rise to the rate of the population becoming victims of the said dreadful situation.

As mentioned above, there are numerous types of abuses that plagues the society today. With the influences of media and other publications that provoke both sexual desires and violence, the desires of people to do something awful to others to simply comply to the thirst that they feel for themselves and the satisfaction that they ought to reach become much vivid and harder to avoid. Hence, pushing the abusers to come up with destructive acts that bring others into a devastating situation.

It could be noted too through psychological studies that one cause of the ways by which people are moved to follow a certain path that leads them to abusing others actually involve depression and in depth disregard of one’s self. Most of the time, when depression and stress takes over the mental system of a particular person, the deciding power of the person begins to weaken hence making it possible for him to take massive steps of destructive acts that usually lead to them abusing other people. Yes, frustrations and unfulfilled missions or aims bring much depression on human individuals.

When this depression is treated in the wrong manner, the situation becomes harder to control. Psychologists particularly note this as one of the failures of the nervous system to assist one in righteously deciding for what is supposed to be acceptably right to do when hard-to-deal with circumstances arise. The said failure gradually affects to one loosing his control over his actions. Add to the fact that there are those who take addictive substances that are directly affecting their decision-making capabilities thus making it harder for them to judge of whether what they are doing are right or not.

The Personal Effects of Abuse and Violence As mentioned earlier, violence and abuse are two related terms that describe the destructive situation that most people who are less able to protect themselves experience on the hands of the oppressive sector of the human population. Hence, through the study that has been presented above, it could be noted that the results of the said incidents may either be positive or negative on the part of the individual that has been victimized by the said situation.

The result becomes positive when the victims primarily learns how to defend himself the next time that the same situation occurs or in some way he or she has already learned to protect themselves from actually being involved in destructive situations based on the experience that they once had. On the contrary, the results may become negative if the victim begins to view the situation as an incident that could bring her or him to a fearful state against the systems of the human society. The state of isolation becomes and self-rejection is then added to the negative results of the said incidents.

Involving the Family Amidst all the successes that the society achieves through the existence of technology and communication, it is quite disturbing how the situation of the most important sector of the society suffers so much. Family, as the basic unit of the social relationships, is the one receiving the most negative effects of technological and industrial advancements. Intimacy and attachment has been much a hard case to deal with when dealing especially with the modern married couples.

The thoughts of long ago regarding the long-run relationship that marriage is supposed to be had been gradually changed by the fact that system of the society today have already changed as well. The priorities and the goals of individuals have already been exchanged with the need of being economically successful in the field of their own chosen careers. Sadly, although both men and women are aware that they were meant to share a special relationship based on love, only few are able to realize to understand the reality of the vows that they give at the brink of their wedding ceremonies.

Marriage, as a “human contract” is a special bond that should be considered as a serious link between two people who are bounded by love. However, at some point, the view of marriage has been changed during the present era. Because of the social changes, marriage has been subjected to different challenges. Today, conflicts are directly bombarded towards the relationship of married couples that in turn makes the situation much harder to deal with. As a result, many among those couples simply end up in divorce.

For many years, it has been a standard definition of a family to be referred to as a group of people who are related to each other and are thus bonded together by blood. The attachment within the said group goes beyond just the existence of a common blood, but it is further linked stronger through the existence of love. With the said advancements though of the society, the family is further subjected to facing several issues that concerns the strength of its ties.

. Since time is lacking, the members of the family are having a hard time creating time for themselves to at least deal with each other through communication, in turn, intimacy is lost. This is specifically true with parents, or married couples. Because of the time that they devote to their jobs, they usually find it hard to balance their time to give each other attention for the sake of the development of their relationship. As a result, the love that they once have lost the love that they once had for each other because of lack of time, communication and intimacy, their relationship’s solidity begins to drift away.

On the contrary though, Donna and Roger are among the couples who are able to meet the challenges of marriage amidst all the challenges both personal and familial that are presented to the society nowadays. Although there had been some rough portions of their marriage, it could be noted through the interview that they have managed to set through their differences and were able to make adjustments so as to give themselves some room to improve as individuals and as couples. It is undeniable that being married at a young age is something that is much harder to deal with that dealing with simply the challenges of marriage itself.

Aside from all the financial problems, personal adjustments certainly needed to be given attention especially on the part of the interviewees. The highlights of their relationship could be noted to have nothing to do with gaining surmountable amounts of wealth but with that of being together with their family. Seeing things in a simpler manner makes it easier for young couples to see life in a much less-complicated matter of life. It is through this that they are able to give importance to the more caring to better things that wealth itself.

True, they recognize that material gains add up to the happiness of the family since it gives the members a chance to enjoy the things they want without limits at least. However, this does not mean that the happiness of family members does not only rely on the influence of money at all. Instead, real family happiness relies on the fact that family members are still able to connect with each other through communication and simply by just being together amidst the busy schedules that each member of the family deals with regarding their work or school activities as well as house chores.

Making sure that each member is given the attention that they need from the family is an important key to family success. A Therapeutic Approach The Family Assessment Device has been designed to measure improvements concerning the Family Therapy. In a busy and complicated world that families have to deal with these days, it is very vital every family be able to face the challenges of today’s world. Although at times, the hardships that families has to face makes it difficult for its members to keep close and intact relationship with each other.

Aside from this, the results of such a complicated life leads to different emotional and physical depressions which makes it harder for every family member to comprehend to each other’s needs and be able to cope with life’s changes at the same time. This is why many families chose to undergo several family therapies to be able to solve the growing gap between their members and thus lead a better family life. The Family Assessment Device includes six major dimensions that are connected to family functioning.

The said six major scopes of the said assessment device are the problem solving, communication, roles, effective responsiveness, effective involvement and behavioral control. The dimension on Problem Solving intends to measure the capability of a family to be able to face and solve certain problems that arise within the family. With the use of questionnaires having four possible responses on agreeing to the solutions suggested and disagreeing, each family is scaled depending on their answers.

The other dimensions as well follow the same pattern of questionnaires. After answering the questions, each result shall be averaged, evaluated and concluded regarding the improvements of the family in the therapies they undergo. The standard results for the Family Assessment Device which concludes that the family has already improved through the family therapy is based on how well they have comprehended with the activities they undergo during the therapy. There are major ways on how to evaluate the changes in a family.

One is through the statistical significance of changes observed, another is through the percentage of dropping below clinical cut-offs and finally through the magnitude of change between intake and termination. These three major evaluation processes helps the psychologists to scale the improvements that the family being observed has already incurred. Many experts have proved the reliability of tests and family assessments such as the Family Assessment Device effective.

True, at times, the application of this assessment may not be that easy but the cooperation of the family under therapy programs would really help in making assessments such as this a successful program. At times, there might be some family members who would rather depend on their own understanding of the problems they are facing than referring their problems to experts. Usually, this makes the FAD application harder to apply, but as said earlier, constant assistance and assurance to the families that they are being helped and not exploited or whatsoever, the Family Assessment could be concluded to be successful.

Conclusion As it could be noted through the studies and discussion presented above, the result of violence and abuse upon the victim simply depends on his or her perception of the situation that occurred. Someone who is strong and wise enough in facing life’s challenges may look at this particular experience as a lesson that would teach him to take full responsibility of the situation the next time that the same thing happens. However, a person who is actually frail in facing the surprises that life has to offer would break down upon experiencing certain devastating incidents.

Yes, it is one’s development as a person and perception towards life and the challenges that it brings that would actually determine the ways by which an individual would be affected by violence or abuse. It is only through a person’s discretion that the effects of the said situations could be identified within the growth progress that that particular person would undergo. It is also upon the person’s discretion as to how he or she would actually allow the said incident to impact her personality as well as her social dealings.

In the end, yes, it will all depend on the person afflicted by the situation. References: Sexual Victimization,” Child Abuse and Neglect, 18 (1994):303–318. Browne, A. , and Finkelhor, D. , “Impact of Sexual Abuse: A Review of the Research,” Psychological Bulletin, 99 (1986):66–77. Beitchman, J. H. , et al. , “A Review of the Long- Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse,” Child Abuse and Neglect, 16 (1992):101–118. Cathy Spatz, “Child Abuse, Neglect, and Adult Behavior: Research Design and Findings on Criminality, Violence, and Child Abuse,” American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 59 (1989):355–67.

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