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Families: Family and Long Time

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There were more marriages and less divorces. People got married earlier. They had more children. The husband was the bread-winner and the wife stayed at home to look after the children and do the housework. It follows that very few women had a job. A long time ago several generations lived together under the same root: the grand-parents, the parents, the children and sometimes nor yet the grand-grand- parents. Families today: There are less marriages and more divorces. There are a lot of one-parents families nd there are less children In a family.

The people get married later. The couples often live together without getting married, that calls cohabitation. The woman also have a job and go out to work. The husband and the wife share the housework and look after the children together. As I write there are less children In the families. That means that there are a lot of only child. Being an only child has advantages and disadvantages too.

Advantages: You have privacy, you can do what you want. You don’t have to share things with your brothers and sisters.

You don’t have to adapt to anybody. The parents have more time, energy and even money for you. Disadvantages: You don’t always have someone to talk to or play with, you often can feel lonely. You are alone to do the housework and the homework. You can become more selfish, intolerant, spoilt and willful. Contrarily growing up In a big family Is a bit different.

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Advantages: You always have someone to talk to or play with. The brothers and sisters can halp each other e. g. at homework. You can share the housework too.

You earn to cooperate, to share things with others e. g. the room, toys or books. Yo learn to make efforts if you want to get something. You learn to adapt to the others. You can become less selfish, more tolerant and understanding. Disadvantages: You have no privacy, It’s difficult to remain alone and do what you want. You have to share a lot of things, to adapt your brothers and sisters. Sometimes you have to wear handed-down clothes if you are the younger child. The parents have less time, energy and money for each children.

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